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Atlantian Wiki Community Rules

  • May not have links to non-recognized websites without an external link disclaimer or indicator.
  • Do NOT politicize any office.
  • No lewd content (contact the administrators if you have questions about this)
  • Don't be a goob. The following activities are not allowed and infractions will be swiftly addressed.
    • Personal attacks on individuals or groups
    • Slander
    • Copyrighted material used without permission
    • Discrimination in any form.
    • Offensive words, phrases, or images
      • ℳel says: There are aspects of researching Medieval life which involve descriptions, imagery, or materials which may not be acceptable by modern social standards but are not considered to be 'lewd' or 'offensive'. There is a real difference between something that may offend and material that is intended to do so. Contact the administrators if you have questions.
  • Personal information (Modern name, Home or work address, Phone numbers, Personal e-mail address) may NOT be published to unsecured / password protected sites without formal consent. This can be done via a simple email but it must be archived so that it can be referenced as needed. Information that you CAN post without formal consent includes SCA name and SCA email address. If the email address ends in "[whatever]" you may safely assume that it is an SCA email, otherwise ask.