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Office of the Web Minister

This is a temporary landing page for the Kingdom Web Minister (KWM) to organize thoughts, and collect commentary on those, from interested parties. These are not official policies but notes and informal guidance on topics related to the SCA internet.

Guides and Advice


How do I get a warrant?

That's really straight forward. Fill out the form ( here ). That form will be forwarded to your Seneschal who will reply to the KWM Office with approval or deferral. After that your membership and warrant request submission will be reviewed and you will get an email with your notice of warrant.

Can I make a site for X?

Sure, but sites are are distinctly 'Atlantian' need to be managed by the KWM office. You are, obviously, welcome to make whatever websites you want to but if the site is obviously intended to be a resource of Atlantia in particular then we should coordinate to make sure we do it properly. We may already have a site or service that meets your needs. Others may be interested in helping out. etc. Please do not 'go rouge' and set up sites on your own. Just send the KWM an email and we'll work it out.

Will you update my event information?

The proper point of contact is the Seneschal's Calendar Deputy ( calendar@atlantia.sca.org ). There are *rare* occasions where I will jump in to perform an emergency edit of an official flyer or similar, but that is rare.

What technologies do I need to know?

If you plan to use a content management system (WordPress) then you need to know that system. Otherwise you should know the standard internet development toolset: sFTP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and a bit of PHP doesn't hurt. We have a little Python here and there and (IIRC) some Perl. The databases are primarily mySQL with the one-off sqllite instance. If you're comfortable consoling in to the server with ssh then you are also welcome to use whatever you have at your disposal for that.