Technology for Autocrats

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This article is targeted at autocrats but it is strongly recommended for all Seneschals as well. The successful execution of an SCA event, Kingdom level events in particular, require considerable planning, organization, and resource management. When we think of resources we often think of people, physical objects, or money. Atlantia, however, also has a wealth of technical resources to help you register your event, get your flyer in the Acorn, provide travel navigation, host websites for Kingdom events, or advertise. To get to know these tools let's walk through the process as though we were an autocrat for a Kingdom level event. The process is almost identical for local events and differences will be called out in the text.

  1. Submit your event bid
  2. Gain approval from your group
  3. Register your event in Spike
    • A link to a Google map for your site will be automatically generated from the site information
  4. Seneschal approves the event
  5. Event is placed on the digital calendar
  6. Create and submit an Acron flyer