Kalara of Lochmere

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Kalara with Veil

Kalara of Lochmere

Began bardic circle in Highland Foorde cica 2010. First meetings were in a museum called Schifferstadt. Bardic included a very fine wassail for Yule. This bardic was later hosted by an underground secret nerd club and got quite large. It may have split by 2020.

Sponsored several bardic challenges.

Played an inter-baronial prank at Highland Foorde's Feast and Foolishness that involved stealing the ancient Log of Ponte Alto and dressing it in landsknecht garb to honor Ponte Alto's Baron and Baroness at the time. You had to be there.

Heavy Fighter - Also one of the loudmouths complaining that every kingdom but Atlantia had a female knight or two in 2020.

Makes pastiglia-decorated boxes.

Taught a class on roses in 2011.

Poison Class "So You Have Enemies: Poisons in Period" to be taught June 12th, 2021 for the first and possibly last time.

Forestry Guild

Briefly Youth Officer in Lochmere.

Washer of Dishes with Milord Raven and other noble souls at Revenge of the Stitch and Harvest Wars.

First post-plague event: Coronation in Dun Carraig.