Jenefer de Winter

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Jenefer de Winter
Resides: Barony of Stierbach
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
Jenefer de Winter Arms.png

Ermine, three roses and a bordure wavy azure


Lady Jenefer de Winter resides in the Barony of Stierbach. She began playing in the SCA in June of 2019, but really her first introduction was at Pennsic when she was 16 years old. However, what did not click for her then sure did 30 plus years later! It didn't hurt that she has friends and family of choice who have been active SCAdians for ages, so really she was SCAdian by osmosis already. Above all else, service is what Jenefer lives for. If she can help, she will, and more importantly she wants to. Jenefer also dabbles in metal working, hand-stitching, scribal arts, supporting Atlantia's fighters, and researching Anglo-Saxon England. She's also been considering voice heraldry quite a bit these days.

Area(s) of Focus

  • Service
  • Autocratting
  • MOL-in training
  • Retaining
  • Trichinopoly (Viking wire weaving)
  • Metal working

Offices & Positions

  • Deputy Chronicler - Barony of Stierbach, October 2020 - December 2020
  • Chronicler - Barony of Stierbach, December 2020 - Present
  • Social Media Deputy - Barony of Stierbach, December 2020 - Present


  • Autocrat - Stiebach Baronial Birthday XXIII: Festival of the Charging Bull, August 7, 2021 - Barony of Stierbach

Awards and Achievements


  • Award of Arms, May 29, 2021, Kingdom of Atlantia - Virtual Ruby Joust
  • Black Plague Honor List, July 17, 2021, Barony of Ponte Alto - St. Paddy’s Day Bloodbath in July
  • Companion of Saint Roch, August 7, 2021, Barony of Stierbach - Stierbach Baronial Birthday XXIII: Festival of the Charging Bull

Jenefer de Winter OP


Classes Taught:

  • Newcomer’s Roundtable: From a Newcomer’s Perspective - University of Atlantia June 12, 2021

Household Affiliations