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Costume and Clothing, or garb, is a far reaching field, tied closely to textile arts and embroidery. For Arts and Sciences Judging criteria, clothing is broken down into three time periods, of early (pre-1350 CE), middle (1351-1450 CE), and late (1451-1600 CE) period. Sources for costuming are varied, ranging from illuminations and text descriptions to archaeological finds and tomb effigies.

Early period clothing is delineated by geometric patterning, with many rectangles and triangle. T-tunics and apron dresses are some examples.

Middle period clothing had constructed patterning. Examples are cotehardies, houppelandes, and sideless surcoats.

Late period clothing is complex in construction, including High Renaissance, Tudor, Elizabethan, Russian Renaissance.

Accessories have ties to further fields. Cordwaining (or shoe-making) is field of leather-working, while temple rings, buttons, and bells are all part of metal casting.