Aurri La Borgne

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Recording Highland River Melees 2021
Resides: Barony of Highland Foorde
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
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Per saltire argent and sable, a bee proper. within a bordure Or

Aurri le Borgne - Pronouns: She/They

SCA Persona

To escape the spread of The Black Death, Aurri le Borgne fled with her parents at a young age from Auvergne to Dauphiné in the Southeast of France in hopes of finding work away from the plague so they could continue to raise their family. Dauphiné was prosperous in that they were successful to find a forge for her father to work with while her mother sold simple breads from the home. Tragically Aurri lost her mother and future sibling during complications in childbirth a few years later. Struggling to stay a float with the emotional trauma of losing his wife, Aurri's father sold her to a brother at the age of 14 and disappeared, assuming to try and find solace elsewhere.

To this day, Aurri continues her mother's baking of simple breads and brings in extra coin for her efforts while passing it down to the young girls who become part of the brothel. Because of her patrons over the years, she has developed many new hobbies including coordinating events, silk painting, and has a blossoming interest in perfumes and cosmetics.

Mundane Self

Outside of the SCA, she is Jessie Gagnon. She joined the SCA in 2020 and attended her first event, Kingdom Twelfth Night, in January of that year. While 14th Century French is her primary persona, she will be dabbling in other years and destinations as a courtesan including 16th Century Florentine Italian and 9th/10th Century Egyptian.

She is also often eager to assist anyone when it comes to streaming or social media, as she comes with years of experience. Her first big stream will be Highland Foorde's court during Highland River Melees, in which she will create all assets used on screen and be recording, setting up, and directing court.



Award Title Event Date Bestowed By
Augment of Arms - Narwhal Spring Crown Tourney May 1, 2021 Anton V & Luned IV
Award of Arms Highland River Melees (virtual) May 8, 2021 Anton V & Luned IV
Companion of the Opal Highland River Melees (virtual) May 8, 2021 Anton V & Luned IV
Order of the Hart (Highland Foorde Baronial Award) Highland River Melees (virtual) May 8, 2021 Ludwig & Sinn

In Case of Peerage (ICOP)

Come with a warrant.

No seriously, please give me some kind of advance warning. My brain gets excitement and anxiety confused all the time so I will need some time to process what is about to happen if I am to truly remember and enjoy it! You don't have to tell me it is for peerage, you can just say I'm needed for an award. I just want to save myself from being a blubbering fool.

Right now, I'm not ready for peerage. I'm still very new and hardly know anyone in the SCA. When I am ready, a link will appear here taking you to my ICOP!

Classes Taught

Class Title Description University Session/Event
Virtual Experiences 100: Social Media and You A basic introduction to social media, various apps, and tools to use #106, Technical Symposium for the Digital SCA by Kingdom of Caid - 2021
Virtual Experiences 101: All About Canva An intro to the app 'Canva' and included workshop Technical Symposium for the Digital SCA by Kingdom of Caid - 2021
Virtual Experiences 200: Quality Streaming A presentation and open discussion of equipment for streaming, good streaming practices, and the future of eSCA #106

Offices & Positions

Title Jurisdiction Date Held
Chronicler Highland Foorde May 2020-Pressent
Social Media Officer Highland Foorde Jan 2021-Present