Barony of Windmasters' Hill

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Barony of Windmasters' Hill
Windmasters notagif.png
Per chevron Azure and Vert, in chief two boreae addorsed and conjoined and in base a winged cat passant, forepaw extended, wings elevated and addorsed, all Argent, within overall a laurel wreath Or.
* Raleigh, NC
  • Durham, NC
  • Fayetteville, NC
  • Chapel Hill, NC
  • Fuquay Varina, NC
  • Holly Springs, NC
Date founded
February 19th, 1977 (AS 11)
Founding Baron/Baroness
Master Brian Maolcaoin
Current Baron/Baroness
Daemon and Typhanie
Barony of Windmasters' Hill

The Barony of Windmasters Hill is the oldest Barony in the Kingdom of Atlantia. Windmasters’ Hill and her cantons include the lands of central North Carolina, including the Greater Triangle Area and Fayetteville.

Windmasters' Hill holds their baronial event, Ymir, each February as well as numerous canton events throughout the year.


April 20, 1975 saw the first "Gathering of Windmasters" which led to the formation of a Shire that May.

The first Ymir, which would become the barony's premier event, was held the following year in February 1976. Ymir has been held every year since and is used for baronial investiture, selection of champions, and acts as a reflection of Windmasters' culture. Later that year the cantons of Elvegast and Buckston-On-Eno were formed. At the second Ymir, in 1977, Windmasters' Hill was recognized as a barony and its first baron was invested.

In May of 1978, two additional cantons were formed. Atillium, which remains to this day an active canton of Windmasters' Hill, and The Guardians of The Sacred Stone.

Windmasters' Hill held the first Atlantian Crown Tournament in November of 1980, it was hosted by the canton of Buckston-On-Eno. This same year, Kappellenberg petitioned to be recognized as an official canton.

In 1981 The Guardians Of the Sacred Stone petitioned to start their own shire, separating from Windmasters' Hill and eventually forming the Barony of Sacred Stone.

In April of 2002, the barony's youngest canton, Nimenefeld was recognized.

The premier award of the Vexillum Atlantiae was given to the fighters of Windmasters' Hill on August 10 2007, an honor which they would claim again at Pennsic 47 in 2018.


Attilium full.jpg
Canton of Attilium Name: December 1982, Arms: September 2002
Canton of Buckston On Eno Name: April 1982, Arms: August 1979
Canton of Elvegast Name and Arms: August 1979
Canton of Kappellenberg Name: June 1981, Arms: October 1982, Reblazoned June 1998
Canton of Nimenefeld Name: November 2000, Arms: March 2006


Event Name Host Information link
Ymir Windmasters' Hill Yearly baronial event and investiture
Buckston Birthday Canton of Buckston On Eno An annual canton party with rotating themes
Festival of Elvegast Canton of Elvegast Formerly under the name "Performers' revel south"
Midnight at the Oasis Canton of Nimenefeld Primarily fighting event with dance, music, and feast


Name Description External Link
The Chancery Calligraphers & Illuminators
The Company of the Peel Bakers Guild
The Flagon and Cask Brewers Guild
Baronial Archer Corps Archers and Marshals None
Needlework Guild Fiber Arts None

Baronial Orders

Order of Kitty Hawk (Fieldless) A winged cat sejant affronty facing to sinister, wings displayed, Argent August 1979 (blazon),October 1979 (order name), April 1982 (alternate spelling) For service to the Barony
Order of Boreas (Fieldless) Two boreae addorsed and conjoined Argent October 1979, Name re-registered April 1982 For excellence in Arts & Sciences
Order of Don Quixote Per chevron Azure and Vert, a windmill Argent August 1979 (Blazon), October 1979 (Name), April 1982 (Name re-registered) For service to the Barony above and beyond sanity
Stnich notagif.png
Order of St. Nicholas Per chevron Azure and Vert, a wooden shoe proper fimbriated Or between three bezants Or August 1979 (Blazon), October 1979 (Name) For service by a child to the barony or by an adult for the children of the barony
Order of the Tempest Gules, a winged domestic cat salient to sinister and maintaining a sword palewise Argent April 1990 For excellence in martial activities
Aeolus notagif.png
Order of the Aeolus (Fieldless) an annulet Or pellety November 2007 For those that distinguished themselves at martial activity while not having yet reached 18 years of age


Investiture Divestiture Their Excellency 1 Their Excellency 2
February 19, 1977 (AS 11) February 17, 1979 (AS 13) Brian Maolcaoin
February 17, 1979 (AS 13) July 21, 1979 (AS 14) Brian Maolcaoin Karina Haakonsdottir
July 21, 1979 (AS 14) February 21, 1981 (AS 15) Ysar (VICAR)
February 21, 1981 (AS 15) August 3, 1985 (AS 20) Gwyneth merch Macsen
August 3, 1985 (AS 20) June 4, 1988 (AS 23) Valdemar Wendel Bayard Clare de Crecy
June 4, 1988 (AS 23) October 26, 1991 (AS 26) Eldrid Tremayne Eldrid
October 26, 1991 (AS 26) January 8, 1994 (AS 28) Robyyan Torr d'Elandris Fernanda de la Forêt
January 8, 1994 (AS 28) February 14, 1998 (AS 32) Ceridwen ferch Owain Ceridwen
February 14, 1998 (AS 32) February 12, 2000 (AS 34) Wulfbrand Lurkr Aileen McDonagh
February 12, 2000 (AS 34) September 21, 2002 (AS 37) Iacopo Attaviano da Vizzi Lucia Bellini
September 21, 2002 (AS 37) February 15, 2003 (AS 37) Ceridwen (VICAR)
February 15, 2003 (AS 37) February 12, 2005 (AS 39) Rodrigo Falcone Rodrigo
February 12, 2005 (AS 39) February 10, 2007 (AS 41) Geoffrey Athos von Ulm Maddalena Salutati
February 10, 2007 (AS 41) February 14, 2009 (AS 43) Gaston Valmont Rosalind Delamere
February 14, 2009 (AS 43) February 18, 2012 (AS 46) Girard le Bourguignon Guenièvre de Monmarché
February 18, 2012 (AS 46) February 25, 2017 (AS 51) Callistus Gill Adriana la Bretonne
February 25, 2017 (AS 51) February 22, 2020 (AS 54) Daemon Broussard Typhaine de Loheac
February 22, 2020 (AS 54) Unknown Lukas von Reumer Dame Elizabeth of Rosewood

The Windlore

Windmasters' Hill maintains a monthly newsletter titled "The Windlore". The purpose of The Windlore is to keep the populace informed about current and upcoming events around the barony, disseminate information from baronial meetings, and keep a historical record of events. The Windlore is compiled and maintained by the Baronial Chronicler. Issues of The Windlore are available dating back to March of 2005 at