Vexillum Atlantiae

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Vexillum Atlantiae
"Per pale argent and azure, a fess wavy cotised counterchanged, overall two swords in saltire Or."
Awarded for
Armored combat
Presented by
King and Queen of Atlantia
Date created
June, 2007
OP page
Vexillum Atlantiae

The Vexillum Atlantiae (the Award of the Banner) is a Kingdom Award that honors and recognizes the ferocity and valor of a group of fighters as a whole, not as individuals. When they fight as a unit, the group will have the honor of carrying the banner with the heraldry of the award into battle.

The award was created in June 2007. The first Vexillum Atlantiae was given by TRM Valharic and Arielle at Pennsic War to the heavy fighters of Windmasters' Hill on August 10, 2007.