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Persona Story for Suzanne de la Ferté

Suzanne de la Ferté is an early 16th century noblewoman born in the barony of La Ferté near Evreux, France. Growing up in the privileged la Ferté family, she was quite the dreamer who loved to read and draw. As with other young women of her class, she was taught the skills necessary to run an estate. Of these skills, she enjoyed the most the time spent with the family cook - choosing appropriate menus and even taking interest in the workings of the kitchen staff. Her parents made sure she had a thorough grounding in "her letters" - reading, writing, literature, philosophy, history, religion, and some math. She was also expected to excel at music and painting, how to sew a fine seam, as well as to dance and make merry.

Suzanne was married early to an older gentleman in order to consolidate her father's landholdings. Her husband passed away after they had only been married a few years, leaving Suzanne with a baby daughter.

It was about this time that her brother, who lived on the family's large estate just outside Monaco, asked her to come and manage his household (since his wife had just died in childbirth). The history of Monaco is inseparable from that of the House of Grimaldi. At various times, they were to be found allied with almost every power in the region, particularly during the Italian wars in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. Monaco’s geographical position left them ideally placed to either help or hinder the repeated and largely unsuccessful attempts by the kings of France to conquer Italy. Machiavelli himself was in Monaco in the early 16th century to sign a treaty on behalf of Florence.

In 1535, her brother introduced her to the dashing Scots nobleman who was also a merchant, Angus de Botha. Angus received permission from Suzanne's brother to court her and the couple soon fell madly in love. Angus, with his fleet of ships, trades heavily with the nearby Italian cities of Genova (Genoa), Pisa, and Firenze (Florence). He sometimes brings Suzanne things (gowns, fabric, paper, and paints) from as far away as Venezia (Venice).

One of Suzanne's favorite activities is planning feasts to entertain her husband's associates. She loves making sure the ambiance is just right. She makes sure to obtain all of the best performers (bards, thespians, dancers, and musicians) so that her multi-course dinners are a feast for all of the senses.

SCA Biography of Suzanne Booth


Back in 1995 or 1996, when my daughter was attending the University of Houston, she discovered a medieval group that had weekly fighter practices at the University. That same group also had weekly dance practices. Knowing that I loved to dance, but very seldom got the opportunity to do so, she brought me along to one of the dance practices ... and I was hooked!

That group was the Barony of the Stargate in Ansteorra (Houston, Texas). Several of the principal members of Stargate's dance guild were also heavily involved in the Heraldic community and I worked with them to choose a name for myself.

This search led me to seek out genealogical research done by my father. I was born Suzanne Brown and our branch of the Brown family came from Normandy by way of Scotland. The Browns of Cumberland in North Carolina came to the United States from Edinburgh (in Scotland). The Browns of Edinburgh came from the Le Brun family of Cumberland (on the border of England and Scotland). The Le Brun family of Cumberland began with Gamel Le Brun who settled in Cumberland, where he had baronial grants from Waldeve FitzGospatric. Gamel was the youngest son of Richard de la Ferté who accompanied Robert of Normandy to Palestine in 1096. Richard and his brother, Hugh, of the Norman house of La Ferté, held the barony of La Ferté (now La Ferté Fresnel) near Evreux in France. And so Suzanne de la Ferté was born!

I quickly became involved with calligraphy and illumination, entering and winning several competitions as well as being baronial scribe and producing several peerage scrolls.. I was the head of Stargate's scribal guild for many years and was active in the heraldic community as both an heraldic artist and the premier member of Ansteorra's Silent Heralds (interpreters for the deaf).

I was able to begin indulging my love of recreating period clothing from portraits. I started out with 11th century Norman gowns (based on my family history), but quickly moved on to Italian Renaissance gowns when I found out how comfortable and flattering they were.

I also jumped right in to various food-related competitions, my favorite being the siege cooking competitions. I also had the honor of being the feast steward for many baronial and kingdom-level events.

In June of 2000, I met Angus de Botha at the Known World Heraldic Symposium hosted by the Barony of Stargate in Ansteorra (Angus's first SCA event).

In November of 2001, we moved to the Barony of Bjornsborg in Ansteorra (San Antonio, Texas). We were both active members there. I continued my involvement with the heraldic and scribal communities, was feast steward for several more baronial and kingdom-level events, and continued my research into art, food, and clothing of the Italian Renaissance.

Kingdom Awards

  • Award of Arms. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19970906
  • Sable Thistle (AoA Arts & Sciences - C & I). . . . 19970906
  • Sable Thistle (AoA Arts & Sciences - cooking). . . 20001209
  • Sable Crane (AoA Service - Kingdom). . . . . . . 20010609
  • Sable Thistle (AoA Arts & Sciences - Heraldic Art) 20010714
  • Iris of Merit (GoA Arts & Sciences). . . . . . . . 20010908

Baronial Awards

  • Sable Comet (Service-Shire of Westgate). . . . . 19990220
  • Sodality - Sentinels (Service-Barony Stargate) . . 20000212

Event Steward/ Co-Event Steward / Feast Steward

Event Steward - Ansteorra:

  • Westgate Summerthing, and
  • Westgate Winter Collegium, and
  • Bjornsborg King's College.

Feast Steward - Ansteorra:

  • Stargate Yule Revel,
  • Queen's Champion,
  • Pilgrimage to St. Adalbert's,
  • Blood of Heroes, and
  • Coronation (July 2003).

Special Offices

  • Silent Herald
  • Head of Stargate's Scribal Guild
  • Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion - Loch Sollier AS XXXII
  • Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion - Stargate AS XXXIV
  • Chatelaine, Barony of the Lonely Tower . . . 20070401 thru 20090331


In September of 2003, we moved to the Barony of the Lonely Tower in Calontir. I continued my involvement in the heraldic community by becoming one of Calontir's first Silent Heralds, teaching classes and interpreting for courts and other events. I was given the privilege of creating several GoA and peerage scrolls and was the feast steward for several baronial and kingdom-level events, but have mostly concentrated on my research into art, food, and clothing of the Italian Renaissance - turning that same research into various classes.

Kingdom Awards

  • Companion of the Leather Mallet. . . . . . . . . . 20050423
  • Companion to the Order of the Torse. . . . . . . . 20070106
  • Companion to the Order of the Silver Hammer. . . . 20070714
  • Member of the Order of the Laurel. . . . . . . . . 20100828

Baronial Awards

  • Cord . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20040110
  • Rose Window. (A & S - Lonely Tower) . . . . . . . 20050227
  • Column . . . .(Service - Lonely Tower) . . . . . . 20091206
  • Keystone . . .(High Level Service - Lonely Tower). 20100718

Kingdom Offices

  • Calontir Goodhand Herald . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20070115 thru 20121211

Event Steward/ Co-Event Steward / Feast Steward

  • Event Steward - Calontir:
  • Known World Heraldic Symposium 2009
  • Feast Steward - Calontir:
  • Coronation (Spring 2004), Coronation (Fall 2007),
  • Twelfth Night 2008, Twelfth Night 2010, Twelfth Night 2012
  • Vertigo (Fall 2007), Spring Fling (Spring 2011)
  • Coronation (Fall 2010), Coronation (Summer 2012)

Special Offices

  • Calontir GoodHand Herald (Silent Herald)
  • Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion - Lonely Tower AS XXXVIII

Special Notes

  • Participating member of the Calontir Cooks' Guild
  • Participating member of the Calontir Scribes' Guild
  • RUSH Instructor - Italian garb and feasting, calligraphy & illumination, portraiture, silent heraldry
  • Retinue for Their Excellencies Semjaka and Xorasne during their reign


In XXXX, we moved to Northshield.


In November of 2019, we moved to the Kingdom of Atlantia. We were able to attend Crown Tournament, UnEvent, and 12th Night in person and then the plague started ravaging the world.

Kingdom Offices

  • Silent Herald (December 2019 through the present)

Society Offices

  • Sign Herald Deputy to Laurel Queen of Arms (January 2020 through the present)


I find research fascinating. I love Feasting & Ambiance, Calligraphy & Illumination, Recreating Clothing from Portraiture, and Replicating Period Jewelry - all under the umbrella of my Italian Renaissance studies. In addition, I have a passion for fostering communication and use my position as Kingdom and Society Silent Herald to foster that.

Check out my website for additional information: