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Mevanou at her first Tir y Don event.

About MvRY Heraldry:

Per pale azure and argent, a sun eclipsed counterchanged and on a chief sable three gouttes argent.

Mevanou enjoys Herbal Healing, Sewing, Binding her own books as the monks won't do it for her, and most of all Embroidery.

Awards Held Golden Blossom (Blatha An Oir) Aug 2009 (AS XLIV) Briar (Blatha An Oir) Aug 2010 (AS XLV) Award of Arms (An Tir) Sep 2011 (AS XLVI) Companion of Flos Australis (Outlands/Citadel of the Southern Pass) July 2014 AS 44 Companion of Astrum Australis (Outlands/Citadel of the Southern Pass) June 2015 AS 45 Companion of the Whelk (Atlantia/Tir y Don) March 2019 Companion of the Coral Branch (Atlantia) March 2019

Former Positions Deputy Scribe: Barony of Blatha an Oir, An Tir. Baronial Chronicler for the Citadel of the Southern Pass-Editor of the Quarterly Newsletter Medieval Tymes. Baronial Scribe for the Citadel of the Southern Pass, Outlands. Registered SCA Name: Mevanou verch Reys Yriskynit Alternate Names: Mevanou, Myfanwy ferch Reys, Mevanou verch Rhys, Myfanwy verch Rhys, Rynna Emsdottyr, Reahnna Blackmoore


Persona: Mevanou verch Reys Yriskynit Born Just before the War of the Roses in 1441 March 24th. The War of the Roses Ran it's course from 1455 to 1485. Saint Day: March 23 Saint Gwuinear: An Irish Monk who went out hunting and when he cast his spear 3 springs cam forth. 1 for his horse, 1 for his dog, and 1 for himself. March 24 Saint Dafydd: Patron Saint of all Wales.

The Current Pope was Sixtus VII. Holy Roman Emperor: Maximilian. Kings of England: Richard III (1483-1485) and Henry Tudor VII(1485-1507)

Mother: Proswetel verch Brethoc

Born 1410 Died 1475 of winter illness. Mother's Birthplace: Myddfai South Wales, near Llanadog between Llandeilo and Llandovery in South Eastern Dyfedd.

Father: Reys ar Yriskynit (Reese the Tailor)

Born Reys ap Maddoc Seis (Reese son of Maddoc the English Speaker) in Llandovery village of South Eastern Dyfedd. The youngest son, he was sent to London via tonsured monk to be apprenticed to a Sutor (shoemaker) but was turned away when there was no room for another apprentice. The monk found him an apprentice placement with an aged Tailor instead. Maddoc Seis was only too happy to hind his youngest out of the way and safe from the predations of his eldes brothers, who in typical Welsh fashion killed each other off. (Tis why MvRY has no other family) At the death of her father a year after her mother she inherited his Tailor Shop and continues to make clothes for people who can pay.