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I'm Baroness Margaret Cochrane, and I live in Kappellenberg, Windmasters' Hill.

SCA Resume

I'm currently seneschal for Kappellenberg, a canton in Windmasters' Hill. I'm also the warranted A&S officer. I'm an at-large herald. I'm the deputy kingdom web minister for the MoL authorizations website (which is still a tiny bit broken from the great Dreamhost PHP upgrade of 2019).

I was a marshal for 14 years (adult heavy) and 2 years (youth heavy).

Other than that, I weave, knit, and embroider, and sew as little as possible. I'm also a middling-competent musician with several instruments and a pitch problem with singing after cancer treatment that I'm trying to overcome.

I'm resisting the urge to do this in bullet point format, because I think that looks too corporate.

I've written a number of papers, mostly about weaving or other fibre arts. These are more or less in chronological order.

Bast fibre production from seed to cloth (Linen, hemp, and nettle)

Which fibre does what, and why (physical structure of natural fibres)

Which loom does what (A survey of different types of looms, with history)

A different history of looms

Card Weaving Practicum (a very old paper for a University some years ago)

Pennywhistle History and Practicum (Look! A non-fibre class!)

Salt-cured Sausage (Competition entry for Ymir some years ago)


Battle of Buttington

Older than History

History of Bagpipes

Boy, I sure do write a lot.