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Margaret Cochrane
Resides: Canton of Kappellenberg, Barony of Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
Quarterly sable and gules, in pale two feathers fesswise argent
Registered Arms


Baroness Margaret Cochrane

SCA Resume

MoL Authorization Card Project


I'm an early 21st century SCAdian. Nominally 12th century lowland Scots. I have been in the Society since October 1990 as a freshman in college, when I found a flyer promising to teach me how to make chain mail. I weave as often as I can, knit and embroider, and sew as little as possible. I'm also a middling-competent musician with several instruments and a pitch problem with singing after cancer treatment that I'm trying to overcome.

Offices & Positions


  • Deputy kingdom web minister for the MoL authorizations website.
  • Seneschal, Kappellenberg, Windmasters' Hill
  • A&S officer for K'berg
  • At-large herald


  • Kingdom MoL special deputy for programming (office moved to Web Minister 2019)
  • Knight Marshal - 14 years (adult heavy) Buckston on Eno, 2 years (youth heavy) Windmasters' Hill
  • Deputy Baronial Chronicler, Windmasters' Hill
  • Exchequer, Kappellenberg
  • Web Minister, Kappellenberg
  • Minister for Minors, Windmasters' Hill
  • etc, see Resume

Projects & Publications

Awards and Achievements


  • Award of Arms (Atlantia)
  • Companion of the Boreas (Atlantia) (Windmaster's Hill)
  • Companion of the Kitty Hawk (Atlantia) (Windmaster's Hill)
  • Baronial Award of Excellence (Atlantia) (Windmaster's Hill)
  • Companion of the Don Quixote (Atlantia) (Windmaster's Hill)
  • Companion of the Coral Branch (Atlantia)
  • Companion of the St. Nicholas (Atlantia) (Windmaster's Hill)
  • Companion of the Pearl (Atlantia)
  • Court Baroness (Atlantia)
  • Companion of the Opal (Atlantia)
  • Companion of the Golden Dolphin (Atlantia)
  • Companion of the Don Quixote (Atlantia) (Windmaster's Hill)
  • Award of the Silver Nautilus (Atlantia)


  • Bachelors of SCA Studies
  • Fellows of the University
  • Masters of SCA Studies
  • Honorary Doctors of the University
  • The Trivium/Quadrivium (Retired December 1999)
  • Old Bachelors (Retired November 1997)
  • Old Masters (Retired March 2012)

Classes Taught

Most recently, I attended the Known World Agriculture and Forestry festival, where I taught two classes:

I organized a weaving track for a recent University, and taught two classes:

Other University classes taught include:

  • Bagpipe history
  • Bagpipe 101
  • Pennywhistle
  • Pre-weaving (warping the loom, picking fibres)

I have sheep-to-shawl and weaving demonstrations for use at school and summer camp demos.

Windmasters' Hill has regular classes every month, and I have taught several classes there.

Kappellenberg has classes every week, and I have taught dozens of classes there.

Event Positions

  • Head Cook, George and the Dragon 2000?
  • Head Cook, Day in Venice April 2002
  • Reservationist, Day in the Court of Burgundy April 2003
  • Emergency Head Cook, Rapier Academy 2007
  • Marshal in Charge, Rapier Academy 2007
  • Arts & Sciences organizer and/or judge various
  • Reservationist, Coronation Spring 2011
  • Head Cook, Day on the Black Sea May 2013
  • Second cook, Ymir Feb 2014, 2019
  • Marshal for Heavy Combat, Midnight at the Oasis Sept 2014
  • Youth Combat MiC, Ymir 2016, 2018
  • Baronial Artisan Challenge entrant by request of Her Excellency Windmasters'Hill, KASF (2nd place)


Windmasters' Hill and its various cantons put on several demos per year. See my resume for a mostly complete list of which ones I have attended (numbering in the dozens).