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==== I am Katheryne aff Krings Kiep, aka Katheryne of Krings Keep, aka Katheryne the Spinner. I presently live in the Barony of Bright Hills, (Baltimore, MD)

I suffer from multiple Persona Disorder.
I am a 12thC Noble Woman who has a small Keep in Northumbia, England.
I am also a 10thC Noble woman from Krakow, Poland, who was married to a Privateer. On our wedding night he somehow fell overboard with rocks tied to his feet. (I will miss those rocks).

I am very new to Wiki so please excuse the plain page.

I have an AOA, a Chime (service) from Barony of Carillion - East Kingdom, an Order of the Beacon (A&S) from Carillion - East Kingdom, a Bronze Tower (service) from the Barony of Settmour Swamp - East Kingdom.

I have been spinning, teaching spinning, teaching fiber prep, teaching fiber arts (several years at Pennsic), and multiple demos about spinning since Pennsic 26.

I also knit, crochet, weave, sew garb, simple embroidery, quilt, do simple bead work, make Sci-Fi costumes, and in my copious spare time I have a full time job in Glenn Burnie.

I have lived in 3 kingdoms in my life: Aethelmaerc, East, and now I am in Atlantia. I have stopped counting how many Baronies & Shires I have been a part of.

I have: 2 kittens, 3 spinning wheels, 4 sewing machines, and too many bins full of supplies.

I am presently learning American Sign Language, and Polish.