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early tunica & woad


I first met the SCA in 2009, when I was invited to a wedding at Pennsic. After my first day, I called into work and explained that I was dreadfully ill and couldn't possibly back for another two days. I loved it and haven't missed one since, even attending less than a week after giving birth (new babe in tow of course).

I turned up sporadically at local practices until 2014, when I became more involved with rapier fighting and 2016, when I found the A&S niche I wanted to thrive in and started turning up at events. By 2018 an increasingly severe medical issue had disabled me until I could no longer fight, but I continued to teach.


Gaia Salvia Repentina is a provincial Roman woman from the British Isles around the year 150 AD.

Offices & Positions

Classes Taught

2015 Pennsic - Intro to Middle Eastern Dance for Every Body

2018 & 2019 Pennsic - Slaves and Freedpersons in Ancient Rome

2020 Atlantian Winter University - Roman Enslavement Practices

Class Notes / Handouts

Projects & Publications

I loosely maintain a blog, the Daily Life of Dominas.


Awards and Achievements