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Baron Cormacc currently resides Northern Atlantia. He is interested in armored and rapier fighting, thrown weapons, archery, and equestrian activities. He is also interested in brewing, singing/bardic, armor making, leatherworking, woodworking, and would at some point like to learn blacksmithing - as if he didn't have enough irons in the fire (HA!). His preferred pronouns are he/him/his.


Baron Cormacc's persona studies are loosely based off of 11th Century Norman. He will absolutely not stick with this if it is hot outside, cold outside, or depending on if there is something that is really interesting to learn from another time period.

Fealty Relationships

Cormacc is in fealty to Count John Peregrine of House Restormel.


A member of House Restormel

Offices & Positions

Current Offices
- Armored Marshal

Previous Offices
- Landed Baron, Lochmere
- Deputy Knights Marshal, Lochmere
- Deputy Web Minister, Lochmere
- Seneschal, Shire of Infimus mons Aureus, Drachenwald
- Special deputy to Kingdom Seneschsal
- Special Deputy to the Society Publications Officer
- Kingdom Social Media Deputy

2012 - Present, Barony of Lochmere, Kingdom of Atlantia
2010 - 2012, Barony of Knights Crossing, Kingdom of Drachenwald
2007 - 2010, Shire of Infimus mons Aureus, Kingdom of Drachenwald
Paid Member in good standing since Feb 2007

Projects & Publications

Events Autocrated:
- On Target, Barony of Lochmere, Kingdom of Atlantia, 2014
- Battle on the Bay, Barony of Lochmere, Kingdom of Atlantia, 2015


Vert, a bear's pawprint bendwise sinister Or within a bordure argent

Awards and Achievements


Atlantia Order of Precedence
Award of Arms (Drachenwald) 23JUN12
Popular Company of Sojourners (Drachenwald) 28JUL13
Award of Excellence of Lochmere (Atlantia) (Lochmere) 25JAN14
Companion of the Opal (Atlantia) 04OCT14
Companion of the Crab's Claw (Atlantia) (Lochmere) 02AUG15
Companion of the Blasted Oak (Atlantia) (Lochmere) 30JUL16
Companion of the Silver Ospry (Atlantia) 06MAY17
Award of Courtesy of Lochmere (Atlantia) (Lochmere) 23SEP17
Territorial Baron (Lochmere) (Atlantia) 23SEP17
Companion of the Coral Branch (Atlantia) 05OCT19
Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (Atlantia) 18JAN20
Ordo Aquilae Albae of Lochmere (Atlantia Lochmere) 12DEC20
Grant of Arms (Atlantia) 12DEC20
Court Baron (Atlantia) 12DEC20
Augmentation of Arms (Atlantia) (a narwhal haurient) 09JAN21
Companion of the Golden Dolphin (Atlantia) 27MAR21
Companion of Saint Aidan (Atlantia) 25SEP21
Augmentation of Arms (Atlantia) (Saint Aiden) 25SEP21
Companion of the Kracken (Atlantia) 06NOV21

Classes Taught

Brewing for the Standard Stick Jock - Midwinter's Revel (Lochmere) 2020

Brewing for Fighters and Friends! - Winter Kingdom University 2020