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Baron John Biggeheved
Resides: Barony of Tir-y-Don, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
Azure crusilly fitchy Or, on a chief invected argent a lymphad sable



Baron John Biggeheved is the current territorial Baron of Tir-y-Don.

John was first introduced to things medieval as a child in the 1970s when he was given the books "Castle" and "Cathedral" by David MacCauley.


John is a late 10th C minor noble Anglo-Scandinavian of both Danish and English descent. He travels back and forth from Denmark and England, working as a head ship builder.

Offices & Positions

  • Baron of Tir-y-Don (current)
  • Knight Marshal of Tir-y-Don
  • Armored Champion of Tir-y-Don (Jean-Claude & Alyna), twice
  • Armored Champion of Tir-y-Don (Aiden & Hannah)
  • Quarter Master of Tir-y-Don (Llwyd & Kaleeb)

Projects & Publications

John is currently working on making a boat from the Viking Era using period techniques, tools, and materials. This project encompasses knowledge of woodworking, blacksmithing, cord and rope making, weaving, tar making, paint making, wood carving, and the many other skills needed to make a boat.

John brews with the brothers of Woodside Priory. John studies Fiore de Liberi historic martial arts (HMA) with Baron Llwyd and Baron Aiden.


Azure crusilly fitchy Or, on a chief invected argent a lymphad sable

Awards and Achievements


  • Order of the Pearl (Atlantia)
  • Order of the Coral Branch (Atlantia)
  • Order of the Opal (Atlantia)
  • Order of the Osprey (Atlantia)
  • Baron's Award of Excellence (Aiden)
  • Order of the Whelk (Tir-y-Don)
  • Order of the Orca (Tir-y-Don)
  • Order of the Swan and Cygnet (Tir-y-Don)
  • Award of Arms (Atlantia)

Classes Taught

  • Boats of the Norse Tradition
  • Norse Methods of Boatmaking
  • Basic Woodworking, Scandinavian Style
  • Basic Woodworking with Hand Tools
  • Mead Brewing
  • Brewing 101
  • Fiore Longsword Plays, Stretto
  • Fiore Longsword Plays, Largo