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{{PopulaceBlue|photo =
#REDIRECT [[John Biggeheved]]
| photocaption = Baron John Biggeheved| location = Barony of Tir-y-Don, Atlantia | status = Active | device =
[[File:john_biggeheved.gif|thumb|Azure crusilly fitchy Or, on a chief invected argent a lymphad sable ]]
| P = Registered Arms}}
== Introduction ==
Baron John Biggeheved is the current territorial Baron of Tir-y-Don.
John was first introduced to things medieval as a child in the 1970s when he was given the books "Castle" and "Cathedral" by David MacCauley.
== Persona ==
John is late 10th C minor noble Anglo-Scandinavian of both Danish and English descent.  He travels back and forth from Denmark and England, working as a head ship builder.
== Offices & Positions ==
*Baron of Tir-y-Don
*Knight Marshal of Tir-y-Don
*Armored Champion of Tir-y-Don (Jean-Claude & Alyna), twice
*Armored Champion of Tir-y-Don (Aiden & Hannah)
*Quarter Master of Tir-y-Don (Llwyd & Kaleeb)
== Projects & Publications ==
* [http://www.biggeheved.com  Biggeheved Boatyard]
== Heraldry ==
Azure crusilly fitchy Or, on a chief invected argent a lymphad sable
== Awards and Achievements ==
* Order of the Pearl (Atlantia)
* Order of the Coral Branch (Atlantia)
* Order of the Opal (Atlantia)
* Order of the Osprey (Atlantia)
* Order of the Whelk (Tir-y-Don)
* Order of the Orca (Tir-y-Don)
* Order of the Swan and Cygnet (Tir-y-Don)
[http://op.atlantia.sca.org/op_ind.php?atlantian_id=0000 http://op.atlantia.sca.org/]
'''Classes Taught'''
* Boats of the Norse Tradition
* Norse Methods of Boatmaking
* Basic Woodworking, Scandinavian Style
* Mead Brewing
* Brewing 101
* Fiore Longsword Plays, Stretto
* Fiore Longsword Plays, Largo

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