The Order of the White Scarf

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Grant of Arms level award

The Order of the White Scarf of Atlantia honors and recognizes those subjects who have excelled in the exercise and advance of the noble art of fence, and have distinguished themselves as examples of the precepts to which it is devoted.

OP Entry for the Order of the White Scarf

The current Atlantia Order of the White Scarf consists of:

  1. Master Geoffrey Gamble - Premier
  2. Master Niall McKennett
  3. Master Giacomo Luciano Savior Vincenti di Firenze
  4. Lord Nathaniel Sharpe
  5. Mistress Ceridwen ferch Owain
  6. Baron Robin MacMorran
  7. Lord Padraig Brian Muadhan
  8. Master Gerlach Wiesengrund
  9. Master Alan of Gravesend
  10. Baron Duncan Gregor MacGregor
  11. Master Robert Bedingfield
  12. Master Áedán Aylwyn
  13. Lord Vyvyan Broussard
  14. Master Philip Bell
  15. Lord Jacques Abaran
  16. Mistress Isobel Bedingfield (Gildingwater of Ditchingham)
  17. Lord Kirk Dragomani
  18. Lord Gregor Dow McGregor
  19. Master Richard ffaukes
  20. Sir Daemon Broussard
  21. Mistress Katherine Maunsel
  22. Lord Percival Aldridge
  23. Lord Gunther von Drachenburg
  24. Master Roland de Mounteney
  25. Baron Iskender Bey al-Istanbuli
  26. Master Connor Levingestoune
  27. Master Marcellus Capoziello da Napoli
  28. Baron William Welwyn
  29. Dame Rosalind Delamere
  30. Master Christopher MacConing
  31. Master Cynwrig ap Rhys
  32. Master Christian von Nornberg
  33. Lord Melchior zum grauen Wolf
  34. Master Jean Claude de Calais
  35. Master Llwyd Aldrydd
  36. Master Elphin ap Dafyd
  37. Baron Rufus Pigboy
  38. Sir Ragnarr Blackhammer
  39. Master Flaithri O'Cearnaigh
  40. Master Dante di Pietro
  41. Master Greylond Crow
  42. Baron Celric d'Ravelle
  43. Master Geoffrey Clwyd
  44. Master Dominyk Wolferam
  45. Lord Stephen Bridewell
  46. Mistress Belphoebe de Givet
  47. Master Vortigern Faber
  48. Master Raphael de la Rosa
  49. Master Wistric Oftun
  50. Lord Arghylle Buchanan
  51. Maestra Caitilín Inghean Fheichín
  52. Lord Matheu Herrero de Cadiz
  53. Master Brian de Moray
  54. Master Benjamin Lilje
  55. Baron Alric the Mad
  56. Baroness Ilaria de Gandia
  57. Lady Letia Thistelthueyt
  58. Mistress Ysane de la Selle
  59. Lord Armand of Caer Mear
  60. Mistress Etain of Sutherland
  61. Sir Johann Caldron
  62. Lord Sanada Terasu
  63. Lord Maxamilian Brudder
  64. Lord Torse Hartman
  65. Lord Seamus 'O Maoil Riain
  66. Duke Dietrich von Stroheim
  67. Baron Drogo Rainulf de Dragonera
  68. Lord Cailin Cainindanna
  69. Lady Symone de la Rochelle
  70. Lord Tassin Navetier
  71. Lord Bumi Fong
  72. Lord Linhart Von Marburg