Order of the Sea Tyger

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Order of the Sea Tyger
"(Fieldless) A sea tyger per fess azure and Or."
Awarded for
Martial arts
Presented by
King and Queen of Atlantia
Date created
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Order of the Sea Tyger

The The Order of the Sea Tyger is a Youth Award that honors and recognizes those young people (up to and including the age of 17), who have distinguished themselves by acts of valor and chivalry in Youth martial activities.

In February 2009, this award was elevated to an order. All past recipients of the Award of the Sea Tyger (which is now closed) will be considered to be recipients of this Order. This award was established by TRM Michael and Seonaid in August, 2006. They gave the first Sea Tyger to Jasmine Mcklinchey during Their Last Court on September 2, 2006.