The Forest of Stierbach

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Members of the Forest of Stierbach at Holiday Faire


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Stierbach Forest Letter Temporary

Temporary Charter |}


The Forest of Stierbach is a Baronial subset of the Kingdom of Atlantia Royal Forestry Guild. As of 2019, we hold a Letter Temporary by the Grace of the Royal Forest of Atlantia with the support of Their Excellencies Baron Saphir and Baroness Karin and are working toward Official Charter. We are here to teach and learn, and to wander the woods and wilds together. Come and say hello at an event or join us for a Saunter. All skill levels are welcome here!

Members are into medieval hiking and camping, cooking over the fire, crafting gear, herblore, sewing, natural dyes, and other interests. We try to get together at least once a month, often in tandem with a Stierbach Saunterers get-together.

Ranked Members