Tassin Navetier

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Tassin Navetier
Resides: Barony of Windmasters Hill, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
Tassin hippo.png

Per bend sinister argent and barry gules and argent, a hippopotamus statant contourney gules


Tassin joined Atlantia in 2010 with Archery and then began to focus primarily on fencing in January of 2011. A citizen of the Barony of Windmasters Hill through his time in Atlantia, most of his time is spent with the Canton of Kapellenberg.

His dueling style is primarily informed by the theory of historical master Salvatore Fabris, but is not intended to exactly replicate Fabris' system. He is significantly invested in rapier melee and the Atlantian Rapier Army.

Formerly Cadeted to Master Dante di Pietro


Tassin originates from a Parisian tax document from the 1420s. Navetier is a job name.

A supporter of Charles VII's claim to the throne of France despite Paris being generally in favor of the English.

Offices and Positions


  • Atlantian Rapier Army XO
  • Knight Marshal Canton of Kapellenberg
  • Rapier Marshal Barony of Windmasters Hill


  • Atlantian Rapier Army Southern Regional Commander
  • Seneschal Canton of Kapellenberg
  • Rapier Champion for Baron Callistus Gill and Baroness Adriana la Bretone


  • Master of Defense - Elevated October 2020, during the long reign of their Majesties Anton and Luned
    • White Scarf - May 2018, during the reign of their Majesties Dietrich and Una
    • Sea Dragon - September 2012, during the reign of their Majesties Bryan and Brianna
  • Opal - October 2017, during the reign of their Majesties Amos and Kara
  • Shark's Tooth - September 2011, during the reign of their Majesties Michael and Seonaid, for excellence on the field at Pennsic and defeating the Black Tigers in the Atlantian 5 man tournament


Rajan of Kapellenberg