Shire of Roxbury Mill

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Shire of Roxbury Mill
Argent, two millrinds in cross within a laurel wreath vert.
Montgomery County, MD
Date founded
April 20, 1996 (AS 30)
Founding Baron/Baroness
Current Baron/Baroness

The Shire of Roxbury Mill is a Shire in the Kingdom of Atlantia. Mundanely, Roxbury Mill comprises the majority of Montgomery County, Maryland, as well as small portions of Frederick and Howard County.


Roxbury Mill was formerly part of the Barony of Storvik, and was created on April 20, 1996.


The arms of Roxbury Mill, as registered with the SCA College of Arms in March of 1995, are blazoned as follows: "Argent, two millrinds in cross within a laurel wreath vert."

The Roxbury Mill populace badge, as registered in April 2001, is blazoned as follows: "(Fieldless) Two millrinds in cross vert."