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== Offices & Positions ==
== Offices & Positions ==
===== Current =====
===== Current =====
Kingdom [[Minister_of_the_Lists|Minister of the List]] (2/2019 - Present)
[[Minister_of_the_Lists|Minister of the List]] (2011 – Present)
[[Minister_of_the_Lists|Minister of the List]] (2011 – Present)

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Lady Sara Dec 2018
Resides: Barony of Stierbach, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
Sara van eerde.gif
Registered Arms


Lady Sara resides in the Canton of Sudentorre within the Barony of Stierbach. Sara is dedicated to service to the Kingdom. Sara also enjoys dabbling with Arts taking a Jack of All arts, master of none mentality.


Late period Japanese.

Offices & Positions


Kingdom Minister of the List (2/2019 - Present)

Minister of the List (2011 – Present)

Stierbach’s Clerk Signet/Court Secretary (10/2017 – Present)


Stierbach’s Herald (2/2014 – 1/2019)

Canton of Sudentorre’s Deputy Minister of Art & Sciences (12/2017 – 1/2019)

Kingdom MOL Warrant & Training Deputy (Summer of 2014 – 2/2019)

Stierbach’s Minister of Arts and Sciences (2/2013-2/2014)


Sara van Eerde

Created to honour her late father’s side of the family originally hailing from the Netherlands. (Registered: 02/2011)

Sara Nayl Bendare

Earned at her first Pennsic, ask her she’ll tell you the story some time. (Registered: 02/2013)

Sanada Tatsuko

Obtained upon joining a household that does Japanese reenactment and is the predominant garb choice for reacting these days. (Registered: 11/2015)

Sara Giglsworth of Wigglesworth

A nod to her mother’s short stint playing in the SCA. Sara with some friends has created a Scribal Household known as The Giglsworth Academy of Wigglesworth (registered) also known as the Giggleswick Scribes of Wigglesworth. (Registered: 04/2018)


Sara's current SCA focus is her work with the Minister of the Lists and creating scrolls for her Barony and the Kingdom.


Coat of Arms

Per pall argent, azure and vert, a bear sejant erect Or maintaining a rose slipped and leaved proper, a chief sable.


Nayl Bendare

(Fieldless) A tiler's nail bendwise argent.


(Fieldless) A winged monkey salient to sinister Or.

Awards & Achievements

Link to Sara's Order of Precedence

Other Information

Sara enjoys collecting Faux Roses. Her collection includes Iron, Copper, Clay, Leather, Feather, Wood, Duct tape and Paper Roses. Sara enjoys photography and taking pictures but does not like being photographed.

Non-Wiki Websites

Sara's Spot Gigslworth Academy of Wigglesworth

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