Royal Brewer

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Royal Brewer
Brewing A&S
Appointed by
Royal Whim
Appointed at
Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival

The Royal Brewer is selected for excellence in making beer, ale, mead, wine, or other period alcoholic beverages. The Royal Brewer is expected to combine excellence in product with a reasonable attempt at authentic ingredients and recipes. In addition, The Royal Brewer should is expected to encourage all aspects of brewing in Atlantia in concert with the Atlantian Brewers Guild. Suggested goals are: making products for the Crown, displaying work at events, sponsoring brewing competitions, and teaching in such venues as are available and reasonable.

Selection and Tenure

The Royal Brewer is appointed by royal whim at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival to a term of one year. At the end of their term they are expected to hold a competition at the following KASF in order to aid the crown in picking the brewer that will succeed them.

History of Atlantian Royal Brewers