Rosewolf Haven

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Rosewolf Haven


Rosewolf Haven
Resides: Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
(Fieldless) On a wolf's head cabossed argent a rose proper (May 2018)

Registered Badge


Rosewolf Haven is a service and hospitality household and was chartered in June 2018 by Dame Elizabeth of Rosewood.


Rosewolf Haven's purpose is to meet the needs of the Crown and populace of Atlantia, as well as any visiting gentles, Baronies, or Kingdoms in service, and to show hospitality to all.

Family Members

  • Dame Elizabeth of Rosewood (Shrewlet)
  • Baron Lukas von Reaumer
  • Lady Diana of Windmasters Hill
  • Lord Njáll Gunnarson

Extended Family

The household shares friendships with other people who share our house's hospitality.


Household badge approved - June 2019 Household chartered - June 2019 First household camp (War of the Wings) - October 2018