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Kingdom of Origin
Date founded


Rome is about fun and teamwork, using organization to achieve success. We've achieved national fame and glory in the Dagorhir Battle Game Association and in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Romans strive to be the best of friends, and the most challenging of opponents. We don’t believe in having "enemies," being of the opinion that all "medievalists" share a common interest that should unite us. But friendly competition has its place on the battlefield, where glory is earned. Whether your interests lie in joining us as a citizen of Rome, fighting with us at Ragnarok or Pennsic, or even fighting against us in the medievalist societies we recommend, please contact us. We welcome all who share our interest in the glory and majesty that was (and is) Rome.

Ave Legions of Rome!

Members and Families

Roman citizenry is broken into three classes.

Plebeian is the standard Roman citizen. This will be the starting social status for almost every citizen of Rome.

The Equestrian Order is the Plebeian aristocracy. These are Plebeians who have permanently ennobled themselves and their families by earning a seat in Rome’s Senate

The Patrician Class is Rome's elite aristocracy, the Founding Families of Rome.

Current Patrician Families:

House Arthol:

  • Senator, Praetorian Prefectus, Tribune Laticlavius Damon Arthol Douglas Aquilinus
  • Senator, Decurion Gaius Arthol Cyrus Rufanus
  • Curule Aedile, Tribune Laticlavius Drusus Arthol Xanthus Gallanus

House Gracchus:
House Deloricus:

  • Senator, Dux Bellorum Tobias Deloricus Desponius

House Ickorus:
House Severus:

  • Senator, Decurion Pertinax Severus Drusus

House Tempest:
House Valerius:

  • Pontifex Maximus, Comes Gurrundi Delambar Valerius

House Vrykolacus:
House Xirinius:

  • Imperator, Allaricus Xirinius Dominus
  • Senator, Senior Centurion Maximus Atreus Xirinius

Current Equestrian Families:

House Achillius

  • Senator, Decurion Pontius Achillius Star
  • Senator, Decurion Catia Achillea

House Alexander

  • Centurion Heraklides Alexander Spartiates Parthicus
  • Legionary Sven Alexander Germanicus

House Castus

  • Senator, Legatus Aster Castus

House Dracona

  • Optio Arria Dracona

House Epicvrivs

  • Quaestor, Comes Vrsvs Epicvrivs
  • Plinia Curia Epicvrivs
  • Senator, Centurion Elvorix Epicvrivs Pontus

House Julius

  • Senator, Comes Julius Frontinus

House Morcarius

  • Senator, Centurion Decimus Aurelius Morcarius
  • Praetor Peregrinus, Decurion Gratius Morcarius Aquilius Philadelphus

House Veridius

  • Senior Consul, Comes Lucius Veridius Lupus

House Rutilus

  • Junior Consul, Comes Basilus Rutilus
  • Cloelia Rutila

House Scipio

  • Plebeian Aedile, Legatus Tiberius Petronius Scipio

House Septimus

  • Senator, Optio Septimus

House Sergius

  • Decurion Lucius Sergius Vir

House Suetonius

  • Centurion Suetonius Alistair Saturnalicus
  • Praetor Urbanus, Caecilia Suetonia Vixia
  • Tribune Agusticlavi Spartacus Suetonius


  • Centurion Sennianus
  • Decurion Marius Fabricainus
  • Decurion Taurus
  • Decurion Tarqus
  • Decurion Faustus
  • Decurion Vitruvius
  • Decurion Quintus
  • Decurion Flavius
  • Decurion Nicodemus Camillus
  • Optio Caius
  • Optio Felix
  • Legionary Saturnia Merula
  • Legionary Torvus


  • Neith Scipio
  • Marcus Castus
  • Zeno
  • Manius Laenus
  • Lupus Tertius Diomedes
  • Siro