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Grant of Arms level award

The third rank in the Academie d'Espee, a provost is a member of the Order of the White Scarf who has taken the Provost Oath. Provosts are leaders among the community and possess advanced level rapier prowess. They regularly perform service and are essential in not only leading the community, but preparing the future provosts/white scarves- the free scholars.

Provost Oath

Henceforth, you will hold to these conditions of our Order, which have been made known to you here, in the presence of your fellow Provosts. You shall be a loyal subject to our Sovereigns, King ____ and Queen ___, Monarchs of Atlantia, and to their successors. You will serve them and theirs against all nations to the best of your ability. You shall be a true Provost, teaching others to uphold our traditions, to love truth and knowledge, and to hate falsehood and ignorance, as you and other Provosts do. You shall teach only those who have proven themselves worthy of the responsibility that comes with this knowledge; as such, you shall not teach any suspect person, as a murderer, a thief, a common drunkard, or those who be common quarrelers.

When called upon to render judgment on any prize, game, or bout, you shall promptly speak the truth of what you have witnessed as it appears to you, setting aside all bias. You shall lend your strength to any Provost or Free Scholar should they be wronged, and if you know of any Provost who has fallen victim to circumstance, you shall put them into remembrance at all prizes and games as you would have others do for you.

You shall not promote any Free Scholar without the accord of two Provosts besides yourself. You shall not arrange a Free Scholar prize without first consulting the Provosts and attaining their general good will on behalf of the candidate, but after which you will make your plans known to all.

You shall always be merciful to any who are true subjects of Atlantia, and should you have the upper hand over them, you shall not kill them should you be able to preserve yourself without further bloodshed. You shall keep this Provost’s Oath in all things declared unto you in the presence of your brethren of this Academie, on your sacred honor.