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A polling order is a type of award where the previous recipients of the award are charged with advising Their Majesties on who should be recognized with that award in the future. The order maintains a watch list of candidates, discusses people's progress on an electronic mailing list and in meetings, recommends candidates to Their Majesties, and provides formal guidance to the Crowns through pollings. In Atlantia, both Bestowed Peerages (Patent of Arms) and Orders of High Merit (Grant of Arms) level awards are polling orders.

These pollings are conducted like a vote, but additional commentary beyond a yes/no/abstain is strongly encouraged. The final decision to award or not is made by the Crown and there is no minimum level of support from the order required for recognition. Nor does overwhelming support require the Crowns to make an award that they do not wish to make.

Award Recommendations

Anyone can and should recommend any other deserving person for an award. You do not have to be a current member of an Order to recommend someone for that Order. Please do review the list of awards and the subjects that they recognize, compose a short description of the accomplishments of your candidate in the scope of a particular award, and then submit that recommendation through the Award Recommendations site.

Articles about the SCA Award System