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Patricia for Wiki.jpg
Patricia of Trakai. Photo credit Baron Bardulf Rauen
Resides: Barony of Storvik, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
Patricia of trakai.gif
Gules, a comet fesswise reversed and on a chief Or three mullets vert. Device image courtesy of Rhieinwylydd verch Einion Llanaelhaearn, OP.


Lady Patricia of Trakai is a resident of the Barony of Storvik in the Kingdom of Atlantia. She arrived in the Known World toward the end of A.S. XXXVIII (mundanely early 2004).


Lady Patricia is the widow of a minor noble associated with Trakai Castle, a major center of 15th-century Lithuania. However, she is interested in the broad sweep of Lithuanian history from the early days of the Baltic tribes to the formation of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

She often dresses in the manner of the people she visits within the Kingdom of Atlantia. You may find her wearing the clothes of a Viking, a generic early Celt, a High Middle Ages peasant, a 16th-century Ottoman woman, a Trossfrau, or a lady from the Italian peninsula.


Gules, a comet fesswise reversed and on a chief Or three mullets vert.

Name registered with the College of Arms in August 2005. Device registered with the College of Arms in January 2006.


Lady Patricia camps with Southwind at Pennsic and other major events.

Lady Patricia is not anyone's protege or apprentice at the moment; however, she welcomes inquiries from potential mentors in the areas of art or service. She was the heraldry student of Lord Pedro de Alcazar until his death, at a far too young age, in A.S. XLVIII.

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