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Resides: Barony of Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry


Owain is the current Webminister for the Barony of Windmasters Hill and a notable brewer in the Kingdom of Atlantia. Their persona is that of a 12th century land manager in Norman controlled Wales. Owain's home canton is Elvegast, having played there since joining in January of 2018.


Title Jurisdiction Date Held
Webminister Barony of Windmasters' Hill July 2018 - Present
Deputy Webminister Kingdom of Atlantia MOAS office March 2019 - Present
Royal Brewer Kingdom of Atlantia March 2019 - March 2020


Award Notes Date
Award of the Eurus Given for a single noteworthy effort of service for or to the Barony. 2/24/2018 [Ymir]
Award of Arms Granted the title Noble Owain Weale 2/23/2019 [Ymir]
Order of the Coral Branch recognizes those subjects who have distinguished themselves in their effort in arts and sciences 6/8/2019 [Journey through the Nine Realms]


Group Notes Links
Kingdom of Atlantia Brewers' Guild Guild Member
The Flagon and Cask Guild Member
House of the Wounded Mushroom Household Member
Clan Blue Feather Affiliated with the South East chapter


Owain was raised by family of mine owners in Dartmoore where they received a basic education and became well connected within regional trade routes. Around their age of majority, the family mines were made fully property of The Crown and Owain was appointed to a land management position in southern Wales. This position was defined as overseeing the development of the territory surrounding Neath Abby. In this position they balance the priorities of the surrounding population, the Cistercian order of the Abby, and the trade and strategic interests of the Norman aristocracy. Owain takes a special interest in the local production of grains, pride in the quality of ale the people produce, and the dedication of the militia to their archery training. In all of these things, Owain takes the time to get directly involved and is content with their moderate station in life.