Order of the Nonpareil

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Order of the Nonpareil
"Or, a sword between four towers sable."
Awarded for
Excellence, honor, courtesy, chivalry
Presented by
King and Queen of Atlantia
Date created
OP page
Order of the Nonpareil

The Order of the Nonpareil is a Non-Precedence Order that honors and recognizes those who have shown excellence, honor, courtesy or chivalry above and beyond any duty. The members of this Order exemplify what it means to be an Atlantian. This award may be given only once per reign and is conveyed solely at the discretion of the Crown.

There is no precedence for this accolade, however, it is probably the highest honor one who lives in Atlantia could be given. TRM Kane and Muirgen at the Tourney of Ymir first conveyed this accolade unto Forgal Kerstetter on the February 26, 1994.