Order of Defense

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Order of Defense
Order of defense.gif
(Tinctureless) Three rapiers in pall inverted tips crossed.
(Fieldless) A white livery collar.
Awarded for
Rapier combat
Presented by
King and Queen of Atlantia
Date created
OP page
Order of Defense

One becomes a Master/Mistress of Defense through martial prowess on the rapier and/or cut-and-thrust field.

OP Entry for the Order of Defense

Atlantian Order of Defense

  1. Master Áedán Aylwyn - Premier
  2. Master Alan of Gravesend - Premier
  3. Master Giacomo Luciano Savior Vincenti di Firenze - Premier
  4. Master Dante di Pietro
  5. Master Connor Levingestoune
  6. Master Christopher MacConing
  7. Master Alessandro Andretti
  8. Master Flaithri O'Cearnaigh
    Master Wistric Oftun - Meridies
  9. Master Christian von Nurnberg
  10. Master Raphael de la Rosa
  11. Master Dominyk Wolferam
  12. Maestra Caitilín Inghean Fheichín
  13. Master Benjamin Lilje
  14. Master Brian de Moray
    Master Lazarus Gauge - Meridies
  15. Despotes Charimmos of Lakadaimonias
  16. Master Llwyd Aldrydd
  17. Master Greylond Crow
  18. Master Aeron Harper
  19. Torse Hartman
  20. Cailin Blackwood