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Baroness Sophia the Orange (Originally, Sophia of Sternfeld)

First event: Simple Day, Barony of Sternfeld, Midrealm, July 1992 Home group: Barony of Windmasters Hill, Canton of Elvegast - Kingdom of Atlantia

MY SCA Resume: click HERE

My personal web page:

Performing Arts groups I manage: Musica Subterranea - a band of SCA musicians/dancers (we do both) who have produced 5 CDs of recorded SCA dance music (104 tunes) custom arranged for SCA dance reconstructions/choreographies; we also play for SCA dancers. i Scandali - my first Commedia dell' Arte troupe, in the Midrealm; currently under the stewardship of Lady Abigail the Innocent. Commedia All Stars at Pennsic - my second Commedia dell' Arte troupe, only performing at Pennsic, performing annually since 2014. i Firenzi - my third Commedia dell' Arte troupe, in the kingdom of Atlantia; currently performing semi-pro.

Other performing arts groups I think are awesome: Atlantia Performing Arts Guild Atlantia Royal Players Vagando Stolti - Atlantia's Northern Commedia dell' Arte troupe