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Olwen de Montgomery is a 12th century woman of Welsh-Norman parentage, living in the court of King Richard the Lionheart and Queen Berengaria of England. As the youngest daughter of a minor noble, Olwen ended up in the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine and going on crusade with King Richard. Upon her return to England she has kept mostly to her own manor house, studying the arts of herbalism, spinning, knitting, and embroidery. Olwen started in the SCA in 1987 in the canton of Vest Yorvik, Barony of Septentria in the now Kingdom of Ealdormere.

Offices & Positions Over the course of many years, Olwen has held many positions in both Ealdormere and Atlantia. At various times, she has been a Chronicler, Principality Chirurgeon, Dean of the Page's Academy, a Herald at Large, and the Minister of Arts and Sciences, as well as being a deputy for the offices of Seneschal and Exchequer. Additionally, she has autocratted a few events (showing a penchant for Unevent) and been the head cook for several events. She is also the head retainer for Their Excellencies of Raven's Cove, Baron Lochlainn and Baroness Edan.

Projects & Publications

Olwen has written several articles for local newsletters, and has taught several classes at the University of Atlantia. She has received her Masters degree from the University of Atlantia and is also a Fellow of the University. Currently her focus is on fiber arts, and she is pursuing a very large project (with the potential for many rabbit trails) wherein she is designing and making a pair of 16th century stockings from processing the raw fleece, to spinning it, to knitting the stockings. Olwen is a member of both the Company of the Clewe and the Company of the Silver Spindle. She is also associated with Sir Christian Thomas's household, Yorkshire Manor.


Argent, a pale rayonny azure, overall a heraldic tyger passant gules. (Registered January 1991)

Awards and Achievements

May 13, 1989 –AoA from Palymar & Katherine (Middle)

August 17, 1989 – Award of the Bear’s Claw, Baronial Service Award from Aedan & Kaffa (Barony of Septentria, Ealdormere)

November 23, 1989 – Award of the Purple Fret, AoA level Service Award, from Comar & Lisa (Middle)

August 1991 –Prince’s Cypher, Principality award for Personal Service to the Coronet, from Osis & Heithr (Ealdormere)

August 1993 –Order of the Bee, Principality Service Award, from Killdare & Lella (Ealdormere)

January 13, 1996 – Grant of Arms and Territorial Baroness of Marinus from Cuan II & Brigit I (Atlantia)

September 6, 1997 –Court Barony from Cuan III & Bera I (Atlantia)

February 14, 2004 – King’s Award of Excellence from Ragnar II & Kyneburh II

April 9, 2016 –Award of the Black Gull, Baronial Service Award from Lochlainn & Edan (Barony of Raven’s Cove, Atlantia)

October 15, 2016 – Baroness’ Award of Courtesy, from Edan (Barony of Raven’s Cove, Atlantia)

April 22, 2017 – Order of the Opal, Kingdom AoA level Service Award, from Cuan VIII and Signy I (Atlantia)

October 21, 2017 – Award of the Black Compass Rose, Baronial A&S Award from Lochlainn & Edan (Barony of Raven’s Cove, Atlantia)

February 24, 2018 – Award of the Coral Branch, Kingdom AoA level A&S Award from Amos II & Kara II (Atlantia)