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Resides: Barony of Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry


Lady Marion le Red is a 14th Century English lady. In the SCA, Marion has hopped around the kingdom until landing in Windmaster's Hill in the canton of Elvegast. She has also tinkered with many different arts and sciences along the way with her current passion being blown glass.

She is a free scholar of the Acedmie d'Espee, In her youth, she enjoyed in fighting single sword and dagger, and currently she takes the field for physical therapy. She is part of House Blackstar. In her travels she has not settled on one peer to be in fealty to, but rather treasures her many relationships with multiple peers of Atlantia.

She does her service and her art for the betterment of the Kingdom and those around her. As an artisan, her biggest joy comes from seeing her art used and enjoyed. As leader in the SCA, she enjoys seeing others make art, enjoy themselves and have fun. Therefore, her service has been to help others find their thing and excel in what makes them happy. To push when a push is needed, to cheerlead and compliment, to quietly criticize, or to simply take do the task that no one else wants to at the time so other can shine.

Classes Taught

Class Title Event Date / Session
14th Century Italian Dance University of Atlantia several times early 2000's
15th century Italian dance University of Atlantia several times early 2000's
English country dance university, elvegast, buckston, Scared stone
Brasle for all ages University several early 2000's
How to make a fighting skirt Scared Stone Baronial birthday 2002
Viking wire weaving Buskston Ymir 2004, Elvegast, Nimenfeld 2004
Loop-n-loop versus wire weaving Metal smith symoposium 2010
Beginning Glass beads windmasters meetings, buckston and elvegast meetings
Advanced wire weaving University of Atlantia Fall 2016
Overview of glass arts in the SCA University of Atlantia Summer 2016, Fall 2016
How to support the Arts University of Atlantia Winter 2019, Summer 2019, Fall 2019
Judging round table University of Atlantia Winter 2019, Summer 2019
How to judge for those who do not do A&S Fall 2019
MOAS round table Fall 2019


Responsibility Date
Water bearing at many events 1996-1999
Member of the water bearers of Bahkail 1996 –1999
Found a winter site and restarted rapier practices in Bahkail 1996 to 2003
Helped found the Academies de la Dance
Read the Chatelaine survey and compiled answers 2001
Set up and cleaned up every event held in Kings Mountain State Park 2000-2003
Ran Southern Regional rapier practiced monthly 2000-2003
Rapier marshal in charge of all sacred stone events from 2000-2002
Rapier marshaled at least one practice, demo or event every week of 2001, most weeks 2 or 3 different functions.
Clean kitchens Pas du Foret Mysterieux and numerous other events
Retained for Kisaiya baroness of sacred stone
Dance mistress for numerous events
Trained Rapier Marshals in the southwestern part of the kingdom 2000- 2005
Newcomers person for Midnight at the Oasis 2007
Staffed NC Renn Faire Demo 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
Staffed park Demo in Sacred Stone 2000, 2001, 2002
Staffed Numerous Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Library, and Recruitment Demos
Helped cook feast Sacred stones Novice tourney 2004
Helped the autocrat with fielding questions through out site Ymir 2009
Delivered a majority of the equipment need to run the event to Midsummers 2 and 3, Pas du Foret Mysterieux, and Ymir 2008, 2009
Ran War of the wings camp and meal plan for Windmaster's Hill 2007
Lead the Inventory of windmasters hill shed 2009 2010
Troll for Tourney of friends I and Ymir 2010
Co Autocrat for Tourney of Friends 2010
Setup Makers faire demo 2010
Retained for Esa and Logan
Retained for Seanoid, Padraigh, and Guinenve 2010-2011
Contact person for the museum of art demo 2014, 2015, 2017
Co-land person for Windmasters Hill / Black diamond pennsic camp 2017,2018
Cleaned the Atlantian A&S Web Links page of 404 errors, Forbidden and Dead links 1/2018-3/2018
Started re-write of MOAS handbook 5/2018
Presented New Alantian Judging form with Dante 1/2019
Ymir hall steward 2017,2019
Ran the water battle at Ruby Joust 2018, 2019
Finished and published the new MOAS handbook (2 year project) 12/2019

Groups and Associations

Group Dates
Spiaggia Laventina (Atlantia) 1996
Bahkail (east) 1996-1997
Windmasters hill ( Atlantia) 1997
Bahkail (east) with lots of play in Barren sands doing dance and rapier 1997-1999
Storvik 1999-2000
Aire Falcon (Scared Stone) (atlantia) 2000-2003
Buskston on eno ( Windmasters Hill) (atlantia) 2003-2007
Elvegast/ Nimefield (windmasters Hill) ( atlantia) 2007-present