Marguerite Honoree d'Cheneau

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Marguerite d'Cheneau in a self-sewn Venetian Gown at Atlantian 12th Night, 2019
Resides: Barony of Storvik, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry

Gules, on a chevron between two spearheads and issuant from base a phoenix argent flammant proper a crescent gules.


Marguerite Honoree d'Cheneau (she/her) first began playing in the SCA in 2017, though her exposure to Renaissance garments really began in 2011 when she was employed as a performer at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Her initial focus was in deepening her understanding of the Henrican Tudor garments worn at the Festival, but as she spent more time in the SCA that scope broadened to accommodate Renaissance Italian clothing. She has also been known to don Roman togs on occasion, especially during the heat of the summer and at Pennsic.

Since joining, she found a calling in Service to her local Barony. She became Deputy Webminister of Storvik shortly after joining the Society, and in 2018 was named Seneschal of Storvik, a position she holds to this day.

She has attended 2 Pennsics so far, in 2018 and 2019, camping with Southwind as part of the contingent from the Barony of Storvik.


Between Service and Sewing, Marguerite has not yet developed her persona. Expect more details to follow!

Offices & Positions

Date Role Jurisdiction
2021 - Present Digital Court Liaision Kingdom of Atlantia
2021- Present Virtual Courts Team Kingdom of Atlantia
2018 - Present Seneschal Barony of Storvik (Atlantia)
2017 - 2018 Deputy Webminister Barony of Storvik (Atlantia)

Projects & Publications

Henrican Tudor Court Gown (IN PROGRESS)

Part of the Calontir Clothing Challenge.

An ensemble based on portraits from 1530's England, borrowing the portraits' structure and drawing on data from wills and the sewer/wearer's preferences for colors. Ensemble will consist of a smock, silk petticoat, silk kirtle, silk gown, and accessories.

Red Silk Venetian Gown

An ensemble based on portraits from ~1570's Venice, drawing on portraits by Francesco Montemezzano, Paolo Xaliari, and Ludovico Pozzoserrato. Consisted of a shift, a structured under-dress in deep blue silk, and a gown in red silk with a white placket to conceal the under-dress and provide the many tiny pleats seen beneath the lacing. The gown has yellow-gold trim on the bodice. All seams except the long seams in the skirts were sewn by hand, and all seams were hand-finished.

Ensemble debuted at Atlantian 12th Night 2018, where it was the winner of the Guild of St. Anne's yearly garb competition.

Ensemble was displayed at AwesomeCon 2019 and Storvik Novice Tournament 2019.

Classes Taught

Supportive Kirtles without Stiffeners

A pad-stitching method for building supportive garments with just wool, linen canvas, and thread. Creates a robust yet soft support, very comfortable for everyday wear. Taught: in Storvik in 2019

Speak the Speech

A dive into how to break down and analyze Shakespearean text for performance, with focuses on Scansion, Rhetoric, and Phrasing. Course in Development

Trippingly on the Tongue

Modern theatrical vocal techniques for the Creative Anachronist... because sometimes we all struggle to be heard in a crowd. Course in Development


Gules, on a chevron between two spearheads and issuant from base a phoenix argent flammant proper a crescent gules.

Awards and Achievements

Companion of the Orders of the Opal and the Coral Branch (Atlantia). Companion of the Lozulet (Storvik), and recipient of the Baron's Award of Excellence (Storvik), a Fountain (Atlantia) and a Narwhal (Atlantia).


Marguerite is a software engineer (Ruby/Rails primarily with some React thrown in for fun), and professional actress with a focus on classical and Shakespearean work. She also spent time as a video & design specialist for a Committee in the US House of Representatives. She lives in the District of Columbia with her amazing goddess of a pup, Athena.