Margaret Lad

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Margaret Lad.jpeg
Baroness Margaret during Court.
Resides: Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
Margaret lad.png
Gyronny of six purpure and argent, a tree blasted and eradicated sable between three mullets of seven points purpure.


Baroness Margaret Lad currently resides within the Barony of Ponte Alto in the Kingdom of Atlantia. She first began in the SCA in 2013 in the Barony of Storvik, mundanely Washington DC. Her primary interests are shooting archery and serving her Barony and Kingdom as a Chatelain.


Baroness Margaret's primary persona is 14th Century English, however she has been known to dabble in the periods of Imperial Rome and 16th Century Germany.

Offices & Positions

Northern Regional Deputy Chatelain Atlantia October 2017
Emergency Deputy to the Kingdom Chatelain Atlantia April 2018
Deputy Webminister Ponte Alto October 2017
Deputy Chronicler Ponte Alto October 2017
Deputy Chatelain Ponte Alto November 2015
Deputy Target Archery Marshal Ponte Alto November 2015
Webminister Ponte Alto August 2015 - October 2017
A&S Champion Ponte Alto February 2017 - February 2018

Projects & Publications

Fealty Relationships

Baroness Margaret is a Companion to Her Majesty of Atlantia, Adelhait Fuchs.

She is also a member of House Honey Badger, Honey Badger Tavern, and the Honorable Company of Grimmsfield.