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Lord Malcolm
Resides: Barony of Stierbach, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
Malcolm de Moffat
Registered Arms


This is a work in progress I started this journey in 1992 at Old Dominion University while taking a Medieval History class and working part time at the front desk of Rodgers dormitory where I had taught myself how to stitch chain-mail starting with a coil of wire and creating wire coils using a hand drill and metal dowel. I still have the 16 gauge chain-mail coif I made during this period.
I found a live steel group in Norfolk called "The Free Companions" and it was here that I first heard about the "SCA" and how 'they hit people with baseball bats' and so I learned how to fight with rebated steel swords/axes and made my own great helm, full plate legs for this groups style of fighting.
My interests in this group waned and all the swords, daggers, axes, and armor were left to collect dust for a decade before I dug it back out once I had decided to give the SCA a first look.

There are three distinct phases of Malcolm's SCA career.

1st Atlantia (2004 - 2008)

1st Drachenwald (2008 - 2019)

2nd Atlantia (2019 - )


Malcolm is a man-at-arms of the 14th Century and an early member of the 14th Century Mafia in Atlantia.

Malcolm is a dandy who excels at showing off his fine clothes and armor...just don't expect him to be able to fight his way out of a wet paper bag with a sharp knife.

Malcolm is a minor noble from the lowlands of Dumfries in Scotland but he fought for the French against the hated English in France for money, fame, and glory. Malcolm has been seen in public in Tudor fashions of the 16th Century and in Norse fashion of the 10th Century

Offices & Positions

  • Baronial Herald | Barony of Caer Mear | 2004 - 2005
  • Baron's Champion | Barony of Knight's Crossing, Kingdom of Drachenwald | 2011 - 2012
  • Seneschal | Canton of Turmstadt, Barony of Knight's Crossing, Kingdom of Drachenwald | 2017 - 2018

Marshal Accomplishments

During the 1st Atlantian Phase, Malcolm spent his first year traveling to over 22 events and earned his Award of Arms by the hand of His Majesty Janos I becoming Lord Malcolm de Moffat when he volunteered to be the Baronial Herald for the Barony of Caer Mear. Malcolm was initially squired to Sir Bryce de Byrum and joined the Hotel de Byrum, in AS 39 at the Tourney of Ymir where he advanced to the semi-finals for the first time. He served with distinction with his Knight and squire brothers at the initial the Challenge of the Heart Tournament (AS 39) and was invited to fight by his Knight's side in the 2nd Combat of the Thirty at Pennsic War 34 where he was awarded the knight's chain from a knight of the King of the East for his prowess that day. In AS 40 Malcolm took the Cross and left for crusade in Babylon spending four years and losing many friends but serving with distinction in the sands of that far off land.

Malcolm fighting Baron Barobrand Tourney des Hertzwald I

Sickened by years of heat and sand Malcolm, in AS 44, sailed for the port of Vielbergen in the Barony of Knight's Crossing in Drachenwald, home of a myriad of lords and ladies from all over the Knowne World, starting his 1st Drachenwald phase; he wished to stay ostensibly for only a year but his sojourn lasted much longer and enabled him to serve a number of different Lords and Ladies in that gorgeous kingdom for over ten years. Malcolm served as the Barononial Champion for the Baron of Knight's Crossing; he fought in the initial Tourney des Hertzwald as a tenon; he fought as the 'Red Knight' on two different occasions during Tourney des Hertzwald II, Tourney des Hertzwald III. In AS 49, Malcolm moved east to the Canton of Turnstadt and had the pleasure of served as Man-at-Arms to Duke Thorvaldr Tvisvar Brottinn including traveling in the Duke's household to Gulf Wars and Drachenwald 20 Year as well as serving as Seneschal of the Canton.

Close up of Malcolm's Pigfaced Bascinet at Tourney des Hertzwald II 2011

In AS 54 he sailed from the port of Poldershot in Drachenwald for the Barony of Stierbach here in Atlantia, beginning his 2nd Atlantian phase. Lord Malcolm settled in the eastern hills of the Barony but has no household affiliation.


Per chevron embattled sable and Or, two lions combatant and a tower counterchanged


"Pas de sang, aucune faute" (No blood, No foul)

Awards and Achievements


Award Date Award Name Event Bestowed By
12/11/2004 Award of Arms (Atlantia) Caer Mear Baronial Investiture (Caer Mear) János I and Rachel I
8/17/2005 Companion of the Opal (Atlantia) Pennsic War XXXIV (Æthelmearc) Robert I and Denise I
8/19/2005 Award of the Umbonis Ferrei Ordo (UFO) (Atlantia) (Caer Mear) Pennsic War XXXIV (Æthelmearc) William and Katerina
12/5/2015 Award of the Undine (Atlantia) Unevent (Atlantia) Christoph I and Adelhait I
6/21/2019 Popular Company of Sojourners (PCS) (Drachenwald) Midsummer Coronation (Drachenwald) William and Isabetta


Malcolm in full harness with great helm

Malcolm in the Great Book of Fighters