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=== Persona ===
=== Persona ===
=== Offices and Positions ===
=== The Journey ===
=== Projects ===
=== Projects ===

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Machteld Cleine


My name within the Society is Machteld Cleine. Having grown up in Flanders, I considered this to be an eminently pronounceable name. I found out since this isn't exactly the case, for which my abject apologies! The easiest way to guide you to pronounce it would be Mach (think of Bach, but with an M) teld (like the end of Battled) and for my last name: Clei (think of clay but without the y) ne (Nuh). As you may have guessed already, I am not originally 'from around here.'.

I first 'heard' about the SCA when I was still living in Belgium through some friends with whom I did medieval roleplay online. However there wasn't any SCA group in Belgium so nothing ever happened. After I moved here and had kids, one of my roleplaying friends and I reconnected on Facebook. He too had since joined the SCA and told me I REALLY should join, that it was JUST what I needed. In fact he even looked up my kingdom, my canton, and then we found out practice was every week, less than 6 minutes driving from my door. My Midrealm friend pushed me into the SCA's arms. I went to one practice and.. I was home. The Canton of Cyddlan Downs within the Barony of Nottinghill Coill welcomed me, made starting easy and supported me from 'awkward newbie' to full fledged Scadian. Several years later, a new group was formed in Drachenwald: The Incipient Shire of Trivium. While I my home and heart is in Atlantia, I won't deny that a small sliver of my heart also belongs to this Shire.


The Journey




Performing Arts