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Resides: Barony of Black Diamond, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
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Laura (Graley) de la Moore is the eldest surviving daughter of a french farmer's daughter and an English foot soldier turned farmer in the disputed territory of Guyenne, which has been held by both the English and French forces during her lifetime. She was born in 1361 following the signing of the treaty of Brétigny. She enjoyed a peaceful childhood until 1369 when France re-conquered her home, expelling the English and renewing the hostilities of the hundred years' war.

After suffering and recovering from a pox in her early 20's that claimed her husband and children, the epithet "Graley" meaning "pocked or scarred" has been used to identify her by the locals, though most still refer to her by her birth name "Laura de la Moore". She lives and works at her parent's farm and sells fiber goods in the market when the war allows.

Offices & Positions

Seneschal: Incipient Canton of 7 Hills (2011-2014)

MOAS: Incipient Canton of 7 Hills (2014-2016)

Quartermaster: Barony of Black Diamond (2019-current)

Deputy Seneschal: Barony of Black Diamond (2020-current)

Projects & Publications


Per pale sable and argent, a horse courant countourney regardant counterchanged

Awards and Achievements