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Forestry Guild WoW 2019.png
Members of the Kingdom of Atlantia Royal Forestry Guild process at War of the Wings XIV.

Photo by Ursus, used with permission.

Founded: 2017
Status: Active
Kingdom of Atlantia Royal Forestry Guild badge.png
(Fieldless) On a hurst of pine trees vert a hunting horn Or.

The Royal Forestry Guild is devoted to research, recreation and education of forestry and outdoors skills regarding no trace camping, protecting the green spaces, self-reliance, wood craft, camp craft, bush craft, overland travel, inland water travel, outdoor cooking, survival, and other outdoor and primitive skills all in period fashion. It is the purpose of guild to research, recreate, educate and demonstrate historical tools, methods, equipment and techniques for living, camping, traveling and cooking, in the outdoors or in wilderness locations.


The Atlantian Forestry Guild began when the founding members, inspired by the East Kingdom Foresters Guild, decided at War of the Wings XI that Atlantia also needed a group dedicated to period wilderness skills. The guild's charter was signed at the 42nd Tournament of Ymir, creating the Kingdom of Atlantia Royal Forestry Guild.

The High Court of the Forests of Atlantia:

  • Finne Breth - Warden of the Forests of Atlantia
  • Morgot Morgan - Warden of the North
  • Isobel of Carnewyth - High Chronicler
  • Coenred æt Rauenesdale - High Sheriff

Former High Court Officers:

  • Warden of the Forests of Atlantia - Clovis na Anglesey, Coenred æt Rauenesdale
  • Warden of the North - Clovis na Anglesey, Kataren le Wolfhonte
  • Warden of the South - Coenred æt Rauenesdale
  • High Chronicler - Màire O’Halowrane


Calligraphy and illumination by Mistress Bríg ingen Érennaigh.

Be it known throughout the Kingdom of Atlantia that the Brothers and Sisters of the Green have organized into a Guild of Forestry with the intent to protect the Royal Forests, the venison and vert, and the green spaces of the Kingdom; thus do we, William Thomas and Alyna, King and Queen of Atlantia, hereby grant them Royal Charter with all privileges and responsibilities.

These Royal Foresters are oath sworn to uphold Kingdom and Forest Law, to aid and assist their fellows, to protect the Greenwood, and to provide counsel at need to their Majesties and the nobility as to matters of the forest. These Foresters shall seek mastery in their craft. They shall practice and promote the woodland arts and sciences; educate and guide others in these skills; and be prepared at all times to aid those in need of safety, hospitality, or shelter in the woodland places of the Realm.

This is done by our hand this 25th day of February, A.S. LI

Founding Members: Saoirse né Clovis Faolàn, Coenred æt Rauenesdale, Màire O’Halowrane

Guild Rankings

Members of the Forestry Guild are awarded ranks based on demonstrations of their outdoors skills and commitment to forestry-related Arts and Sciences, but all guild members are brothers and sisters, regardless of rank.

  • Independent Members - These individuals have chosen to not swear the Foresters Oath. They are considered and welcomed as members, but are not involved in the guild’s business and are not interested in being promoted through the ranks.
  • Affiliates - These members live outside the Kingdom of Atlantia. Since they cannot swear loyalty to the Crown of Atlantia (and therefore cannot swear the Foresters Oath), they cannot be promoted under our existing Charter but are considered valuable members who are welcomed as brothers and sisters.
  • Junior Foresters - Junior Foresters are members who are between the ages of 12-17.
  • Novices - These members have sworn the Foresters Oath but have not yet advanced in rank. This rank is typically more indicative of a member having recently sworn the Foresters Oath than a level of skill.
  • Underforester - Underforesters have demonstrated their camping abilities and a commitment to Leave No Trace camping and forestry-related arts and sciences.
  • Forester - Foresters have demonstrated some camping-relevant period skills and possess garb appropriate to their persona in woodland colors. They are expected to continue to improve their own wilderness skills and to teach others.
  • Master Forester - Master Foresters have proven their service to the guild, demonstrated a high level of proficiency in a wide array of outdoor skills, and shown a commitment to teaching and to forestry-related Arts and Sciences. They are expected to be examples for others to follow.

In addition to the guild ranks, there are three houses that only accept members from within the guild. Those interested in joining a house may apply after achieving the rank of Forester or higher, and will undergo a house-specific trial.

  • The Order of St. Hubert is focused on the Arts and Sciences of the outdoors and living in it. Members of the Order of St. Hubert are called Rangers.
  • The Order of St. Eustace is focused on the practice of SCA martial arts while dressed as and portraying a forester. Members of the Order of St. Eustace are called Regarders.
  • The Order of St. John Gaulbert is focused on traditional Arts and Sciences and service. Members of the Order of St. John Gaulbert are called Woodwards.

How to Join

To join the Royal Forestry Guild, join the guild Facebook group, then download and submit the application to tell us a little about yourself. The guild's High Chronicler will process your application and you will be added to our members list.


The Kingdom of Atlantia Royal Forestry Guild currently has about 70 members. These include members located throughout the kingdom, as well as affiliate members from outside of Atlantia, some of whom are working to start forestry guilds in their own kingdoms.

Members can add [[Category:Members of the Kingdom of Atlantia Royal Forestry Guild]] to their personal Wiki pages to indicate their affiliation with the guild. A list of members who have done so can be found here.

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