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Katherine Todd
Resides: Middlegate, Barony of Sacred Stone, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
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No Registered Arms Yet


Lady Katherine Todd
Lady Katherine Todd has been active in the SCA since she was 6 weeks old, almost 20 years now. At an early age, she participated in A&S competitions and won some of them. She began volunteering in the kitchen at 10. Katherine arguably won the first War of the Wings for Windmaster’s Hill! The score was tied until they remembered to count the youth A&S point, which she and her siblings had won.
Young Katherine Todd
At Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival 2019, Katherine exhibited her computer-aided translation of a previously un-translated manuscript from 13th C France, Le Régime du corps d'Aldebrandin de Sienne. Le Régime du corps
When she's not cooking or translating, Katherine is a college student with a Minor in Ancient and Medieval Studies.


Katherine was awarded arms at Atlantian 12th Night 2019, but hasn't yet registered a device.

Awards and Achievements

Honorary Citizen of Windmasters' Hill, Barony of Windmaster's Hill (Girard and Guenievre) - Academie of the Rapier - 5/9/2009
Companion of the St. Nicholas, Barony of Windmaster's Hill (Callistus and Adriana) - Buckston's Big Beautiful Boombastic Bucolic Birthday Battle Balooza and Bodacious Bevy-o-Bardic - 11/15/2014
Award of the Silver Nautilus, Kingdom of Atlantia (Michael X and Seonaid VIII) - Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival - 3/7/2015
Award of the Notus, Barony of Windmaster's Hill (Callistus and Adriana) - Buckston Birthday Bash - 11/14/2015
Award of the Eurus, Barony of Windmaster's Hill (Daemon and Typhaine) - Buckston Birthday Bash - 11/18/2017
PREMIERE Companion of the Golden Ladle, Barony of Windmaster's Hill (Daemon and Typhaine) - Buckston Birthday Bash - 11/18/2017
Award of Arms, Kingdom of Atlantia (Ragnarr V and Lynette II) - 12th Night: A 1001 Atlantian Nights - 1/12/2019
Augmentation of Arms, Barony of a commedia mask proper (Christoph II and Adelhait ) - Journey Through the Nine Realms - 6/8/2019

Classes Taught in the Society

Charles Fleming Kids' Activities WOW 2019
Campaign Furniture on a Beer Budget (U of A 2002)
Secrets of Redaction Revealed! (Windmasters’ Hill Cooks & Performers Symposium 2015)
Heretic! (Gulf Wars 2012, Gulf Wars 2017, U of A 2018)
Potjiekos - Techniques for 3-legged iron cauldron (Known World Agriculture & Forestry Symposium 2019)
New and Old World Foods (Known World Agriculture & Forestry Symposium 2019)


Maison du Poulet Sable - Founding member 2017

Offices Held in the Society

Sous Chef:
12-Nov-2016 Buckston’s Birthday
12-Jan-2019 Atlantian Kingdom 12th Night
Head Chef:
18-Nov-2017 Buckston’s Birthday

Commedia Roles

Drunken Sailor - Ymir 2016
Dottore - Atlantian 12th Night 2018
Feste - Ymir 2018
Ymir the Frost Giant - Journey Through The Nine Realms 2019
Nick Bottom - Atlantian 12th Night 2020
Nick Bottom - Kingdom Arts & Sciences Festival 2020
:Katherine Todd as Sebastian in 12th Night