Isobel of Carnewyth

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Lady Isobel of Carnewyth

Isobel of Carnewyth
Azure, a bear rampant argent, in chief three bells Or, a bordure argent


Lady Isobel resides in the Barony of Stierbach and has interests in archery, agriculture, apothecary, and the arts.


Isobel is a student of apothecary in 12th century Salerno but can be found wearing Norse, Norman, Roman, or 14th century garb.

Offices & Positions


  • Chronicler, Barony of Stierbach, Atlantia
  • Social Media Deputy, Barony of Stierbach, Atlantia
  • Member, Forest of Stierbach, Atlantia Royal Forestry Guild


  • Baronial A&S Champion, Stierbach, Atlantia (9/2018- 9/2019)

Projects & Publications


Coat of Arms

  • Azure, a bear rampant argent, in chief three bells Or, a bordure argent


  • (Fieldless) An amphisbaena statant vert.


  • Cur non utrumque

Awards and Achievements


  • Silver Horns, Stierbach, Atlantia (3/2018)
  • Award of Arms, Atlantia (11/2018)
  • Companion of Saint Roch, Stierbach, Atlantia (11/2018)
  • Silver Horns, Stierbach, Atlantia (3/2019)
  • Companion of the Opal, Atlantia (9/2019)

Isobel of Carnewyth OP

University of Atlantia

  • Bachelors Degree Earned (UA100 2/2019)
  • Instructor, Introduction to Medieval Humoral Theory (UA101 06/2019)