Isabeau Du Valle

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Resides: Barony of Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry

She is formerly from the East Kingdom and has relocated to Atlantia. Her interests include Beading and Garb creation/ sewing and Service. She is currently apprenticed to Mistress Michel Almond de Champagne.

Pensic Offices

Title Jurisdiction Date Held
Disability Services Society of Creative Anachronism August 2018 - Current

Awards from the East

Award Notes Barony or Kingdom Date
Sun and Soil Awarded for Service from outside the Barony Barony Beyond the Mountains 2004
Loadstone Awarded for Service from outside the Barony Barony of Smocking Rocks 2012
Order of the Maunch Awarded for Excellence in the Arts Kingdom of the East 2014


Group Notes
The Order of the Peel: The Bakers of Windmasters' Hill [Guild Member]
The Chancery of Windmasters' Hill [Guild Member]
House of the Wounded Mushroom [Associate Member]
Atelier du Champagne [Member]


Classes Taught at Society Level

Class Title Canton Date
Period Beading Techniques Pensic August 2017


Baroness Isabeau Du Valle is the daughter of a Portuguese Merchant who was married to a French Merchantman in the 1530's. Her husband was killed on the Silk Road and she moved back to her family as a wealthy woman who likes to travel the known world. Her travels afforded her the ability to learn many new things and the ability to serve the community in which she lives.