House of the Wounded Mushroom

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House of the Wounded Mushroom
Kingdom of Origin
Date founded
February 2019


House Motto: “I can make that (happen).”

A house of makers, those who are inspired, and those who work to inspire others. Members of Wounded Mushroom produce joy in whatever art or service which their creative urges draw them to and share that joy among the populace.

Founding Members

This is the household of Azza al Shirazi, Alain ap Daffyd, and their family, apprentices, students, and friends. The House of the Wounded Mushroom originated at Ymir in 2019 when Rhiannon of Raven's Cove asked Azza when she was going to name her household. "Oh, I have a household!"

Household Rules

Rule One - Do nothing, by action or inaction, which would cause rules to be made.

Family Members

Extended Family

House Wounded Mushroom is allied with the arts and research workshop Atelier du Champagne.