Grimkirk ap Greymoor

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Grimkirk 2013.png
Grimkirk working Atlantian Fall Crown 2013
Resides: Northern Virginia, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
Registered Arms shown with Atlantian Opal

Lord Grimkirk ap Greymoor, OPF, CCK, OO


13th Century Welsh

Squire-belt.jpg Squired to Duke Dagan du Darregonne, KSCA, OP; 6 JUL 1996 -- (RIP: 27 OCT 2014)

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Heavy Combat, Rapier Combat, Metalsmithing, Leather working, Woodworking, Heraldry, Middle-Eastern Drumming.

Realms of Residence

1973 - 1980: Middle Kingdom
1980 - 1981: West Kingdom (Japan, Korea and Pacific Rim)
1981 - 1983: Middle Kingdom, Principality of Calontir
1983 - 1986: Kingdom of Atenveldt, Principality of Outlands
1986 - 1987: Kingdom of Outlands
1987 - 2012: Middle Kingdom
2012 - Present: Kingdom of Atlantia