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Grimkirk 2013.png
Lord Grimkirk working Atlantian Fall Crown 2013
Resides: Barony of Ponte Alto, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
Registered Arms

Lord Grimkirk ap Greymoor, OPF, CCK, OO


13th Century Welsh

Offices & Positions


Sca.png Vice-President, Information Technology, SCA, Inc. (2014 - 2016)
Sca.png ATL-Badge2.png Candidate for Board of Directors (2013-2016)
Sca.png Midrealm Arms.png Candidate for Board of Directors (late 1990's)

ATL-Badge2.png Whitespace.png Autocrat
Whitespace.png Whitespace.png Atlantian Spring Crown - Attendance: 300+ (2015) Grimkirk Spike & Tridents.png

Midrealm Arms.png Whitespace.png Autocrat / Instructor
Whitespace.png Whitespace.png 3rd Known World Rapier Workshop @ Pennsic XXV - Instructors: 20+, Attendance 100+ (1996)

EK.png Whitespace.png Autocrat / Instructor
Whitespace.png Whitespace.png 2nd Known World Rapier Workshop @ Pennsic XXIV - Instructors: 20, Attendance 100+ (1995)

Midrealm Arms.png Whitespace.png Autocrat / Instructor
Whitespace.png Whitespace.png 1st Known World Rapier Workshop @ Pennsic XXIII - Instructors: 10+, Attendance 100+ (1994)

Midrealm Arms.png Whitespace.png Autocrat
Whitespace.png Whitespace.png Kingdom Tourney/Feast for diplomatic guests from Lochac - Attendance: 200+ (1988)

ATL-Badge2.png Whitespace.png Event Staff - Royal Liaison, Fall Crown Tournament (2013), Barony of Ponte Alto
Sca.png Midrealm Arms.png Voting Member, Grand Council (1996-1999)
Midrealm Arms.png Marshal.png Middle Kingdom Rapier Marshal at-Large (1994-2004 [appx])
Whitespace.png Whitespace.png -- Operated/Administrated Kingdom Rapier Marshal Mailing List (1995 - 2015)
Midrealm Arms.png Whitespace.png Member, 1st Midrealm Rapier Champions Team, Pennsic XXIV (1997)
EK.png Marshal.png Deputy Rapier Marshal in Charge, Pennsic XXIV (1995)
Midrealm Arms.png Marshal.png Principal Co-Author, Rapier Combat Rules for Middle Kingdom v1.0 (1994)
EK.png Marshal.png East Kingdom Rapier Marshal at-Large (1991-1994)
Midrealm Arms.png Herald.png Deputy Lincoln (Illinois/Midlands) Herald [Consulting] (1988-1989)
Outlands.png Marshal.png Contributing Author, Rapier Combat Rules for Outlands v1.0 (Principality Secession) (1986-1987)
Outlands.png Marshal.png Outlands Rapier Marshal at-Large (1986-1987)
Atenveldt.png Marshal.png Atenveldt Rapier Marshal at-Large (1983-1986)

ATL-Badge2.png Marshal.png Baronial Knight's Marshal, Barony of Ponte Alto (Atlantia) (2013 - 2016)
ATL-Badge2.png Ponte alto2.png Autocrat
Whitespace.png Whitespace.png St. Paddy's Day Bloodbath!, Barony of Ponte Alto (Atlantia) (2015)

ATL-Badge2.png Ponte alto2.png Autocrat
Whitespace.png Whitespace.png Bloodbath Redux!, Barony of Ponte Alto (Atlantia (2014)

ATL-Badge2.png Ponte alto2.png Autocrat
Whitespace.png Whitespace.png St. Paddy's Day Bloodbath!, Barony of Ponte Alto (Atlantia) (2014)

Midrealm Arms.png Rokkehealdan.png Autocrat
Whitespace.png Whitespace.png Generic Event, Shire of Rokkehealdan (Middle) - Attendance: 200+ (1988)

Midrealm Arms.png Rokkehealdan.png Seneschal--200.png Seneschal, Shire of Rokkehealden, (Middle) (1988-1991)
Whitespace.png Whitespace.png Whitespace.png - Assumed office on heels of group abeyance to avert closure
Whitespace.png Whitespace.png Whitespace.png - Group membership increased from 5 to 50+ in 24 months.

ATL-Badge2.png Ponte alto.png Polling Candidate for Baron, Ponte Alto (Atlantia) (2018)
ATL-Badge2.png Ponte alto.png Polling Candidate for Baron, Ponte Alto (Atlantia) (2015)
ATL-Badge2.png Ponte alto2.png Herald.png Deputy Baronial Herald [Consulting/Voice/Field] (2013-2016)
ATL-Badge2.png Ponte alto2.png Event Staff - Royal Liaison, Chalice of the Sun God X, Ponte Alto (Atlantia) (2013)


ATL OPAL.PNG Order of the Opal (Atlantia - Service Award); 18 APR 2015

RWLwADT3.png Member, Pennsic combat squad: SPARTII (House Red Winged Lion), received Dragon's Teeth (Middle) 16 AUG 2002

Squire-belt.jpg Squired to Duke Dagan du Darregonne, KSCA, OP; 6 JUL 1996 -- (RIP: 27 OCT 2014)

Cavknot.PNG Order of the Cavendish Knot [Co-Premier of Order; 1 of 7] (Middle - Rapier Service); 8 MAY 1993

Purplefret.png Order of the Purple Fret (Middle - Service Award); 29 SEP 1990

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Heavy Combat, Rapier Combat, Metalsmithing, Leather working, Woodworking, Heraldry, Middle-Eastern Drumming.

Realms of Residence

1973 - 1980: Middle Kingdom
1980 - 1981: West Kingdom (Japan, Korea and Pacific Rim)
1981 - 1983: Middle Kingdom, Principality of Calontir
1983 - 1986: Kingdom of Atenveldt, Principality of Outlands
1986 - 1987: Kingdom of Outlands
1987 - 2012: Middle Kingdom
2012 - Present: Kingdom of Atlantia


'Anvil' tournament format

Spike-w Trident.png

Background: The 'Anvil' was formulated in the winter of 2013/2014, and looked to put the 'T' back into the TOC (Tournament of Chivalry), by elevating it to the level of an SCA Tough Mudder, The Anvil format, as designed, enables unbelted fighters to demonstrate their skills on an aggressive, but even playing field. With a fixed number of participant slots, requiring a full authorization card to compete, no byes and no eliminations; nobody wins simply because another competitor had a bad day. Everyone fights to the same number of blows (50), until the final round. Tourneys that do not adhere to this specific format are not 'Anvil' tournaments.

Tourney Format: A fixed number of unbelted fighters (24 or 32 max) shall take the field and meet only members of the Order of the Chivalry in a contest of Prowess, Courage and Endurance. Every entrant MUST hold a full authorization for ALL five (5) weapons forms used during the day: [WS, DW, GW, PW, SP]. Siege, Missile Weapons and Rapier weapons will not be used.

There are two basic rules/caveats to the pairings between the Chivalry and their opponents:
Caveat #1: No unbelted contestant may meet their own Knight, nor any member of the Chivalry from their own local group, defined as "we get to fight each other all the time at practice".

Caveat #2: Any contestant may withdraw at any point during the day without dishonor or shame. However, all contestants must complete each station in each round, and compete in all four (4) rounds in order to be eligible to win the tournament.

List Formats:
Round 1 - "Running the Gauntlet"
Five (5) individual lists supported by two or more knights each (min: 10, to tag team for rest and caveat #1) and each attended by a dedicated MOL. Each List shall be contested with different weapons styles:

List 1: Sword and Shield
List 2: Pole Weapon/Great Weapon
List 3: Spear
List 4: 'Mass Weapon' (Axe/Mace/Other)
List 5: Two Sword/Case/Florentine

Round 2 - Counted Blows at the rail
Three rails shall be attended by members of the Chivalry and a dedicated MoL (each). Pairings between Knights and unbelts shall be determined by dice roll or card draw, subject to caveat #1. The format shall be single sword with the armored off hand on the rail. Each bout shall be fought to five counted blows.

Round 3 - Speed Rack/Lighting Round
The Chivalry shall then attend two lists. Each list will have two racks of five matched weapons; no shields. Pairings between Knights and unbelts shall be determined by dice roll or card draw, subject to caveat #1. Every effort will be made to not repeat earlier parings. A bout shall consist of 5 passes, one with each matched weapon. The FIRST acknowledged blow with each individual weapon wins the pass and scores.

Round 4 - Timed round
In the final round, each unbelted contestant shall engage with a member of the Chivalry in a single 90-second bout with mutually agreed upon weapons form between combatants (matching not required). Upon the call “lay on”, the unbelted combatant shall have 90 seconds to score as many points as possible. A point shall be awarded for each acknowledged blow. Pairings shall be by dice roll or card draw subject to caveat #1 and efforts to not repeat pairings.

All rounds shall be fought in sequence, as will all stations in each round.

Anvil - FAQ #1 -

Why a capped enrollment? -- A capped enrollment will convey the message that this is meant to be an elite event; a 'first come, first served' function. If more apply, wait list them. Preference at future events can be given to unbelts previously wait listed.

Why require a 'full authorization card'? -- Because the use of all five forms is required during the tournament, and authorizations should not be performed the day of the event. If this is to be an elite event with a goal of providing an unbelt the opportunity of demonstrating their mastery of all weapons forms, then elite expectations should be required. Ample advance notice of the event and the requirements should be published in the Kingdom newsletter and web to prompt interested fighters to train and kit up.

Why X (24 or 32) instead of some lesser or greater number? -- 24/32 seemed like a reasonable number (to me), since less might make potential competitors feel like there's no chance to get in and just won't bother; and more would clearly require an enormous number of Chivalry and MOLs to functionally conduct the event. While this format could limit participation, it only requires a minimum of 10 Chivalry to function. Of course, greater participation by the Chivalry would distribute the burden on the Chivalry pool.

Counted blows: Any blows, or only killing blows? -- "Telling Blows". Limiting it to killing blows only will make for a very long day, and promote 'pell fatigue' (see below). Counting telling blows will keep things moving along.

Seems pretty Chivalry intense. What about burnout or 'pell' fatigue? -- Yes and yes. However, if the Chivalry don't come out to 'see' the competitors, then there's really no real motivation for an unbelt to travel any distance to an event like this or to put one's self through it, no? Sufficient Chivalry attendance and rotation should help avoid this issue.

Re: Chivalry fatigue? -- Fortunately, that risk only really exists in Round 1. Chivalry staffing for lists in other rounds are by dice roll or card draw. Round 1: With 2 Chivalry per list, each knight only commits to 60 bouts each (rotationally) in the first round, even fewer in subsequent rounds, based on lots and rotation. Of course, more Chivalry participation means the burden is better distributed. Statistically, everyone is at risk, but odds are, as the rounds shrink the odds of selection will also.

Procession through stations, or let competitors pick order? -- This isn't really a strategic activity in the strictest sense of the word, so the preference is to advance in order, to avoid any 'gaming of the system'. Keeps fighters from choosing their best forms early to increase their likelihood of scoring higher points; and keeps fighters from deciding whether to approach any given knight while they're fresh vs. fatigued. Goes back to the concept of 'leveling' the playing field.

Combat Archery? -- No (not yet, anyways).

Round 3: Racked Weapons? - Format demonstrated by Sir Justus de Tyr and Sir Tach at Chalice 2013 [Atlantia]. Fighters will start off with Sword/Dagger; Additional racked weapons will be 4' Axe, Great Sword, Dire Mace and 5' Spear. Seconds will be optional.

Scoring seems too complex. Explain it. -- The premise is pretty straight forward; points accrual. Each counted blow accrues points, with one or more bonus points for sweeping either a list or round (in some instances). With dedicated MOLs for each station/list, the competitors won't have to track their own scoring.

"The audience won't be able to follow it." -- A fair observation. Truthfully, not much thought had been given to the gallery experience for this format. I still have to consider how to staff/leverage the marshals/field heralds in order to overcome this concern.
[9/2017 Update - One way to facilitate audience comprehension could be to leverage a *team* of skilled MOLs to track the wins. But that would be grueling work (sadly, we're not handing out points to the MOL!). -- G]

"Smells like a Pah." -- Then you need your nose fixed. This is not a Pah format. The inclusion of counted blows at the rail does not, in itself, make this a Pah tourney. I understand that rail combat is commonly found in Pah format tourneys, but this format is dedicated to each participant's demonstration of skill.