Free Company of Anglesey

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Free Company of Anglesey
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Vert, a saltire couped parted and fretted within and conjoined to an annulet Or
Kingdom of Origin
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The Free Company of Anglesey is a mercenary Household within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). Our traditions and culture are considerably different than most households within the SCA. Our members come from kingdoms across the entire known world, while most hail from the Kingdom of Atlantia or the Kingdom of the East. Having found ourselves upon the island now known as Anglesey our personas from Bronze Age through Dark Age Eurasia have joined together under Communio Jurata. (Lat. A community of people who have pledged their fealty to themselves and their community.) We are a community of equals and our War Lord elected annually is the “first among equals”, moreover, we swear fealty to no monarch.

The Free Company of Anglesey is an elite fighting unit which has been fighting in the SCA for over 30 years and retains a large portion of seasoned original members along with fresh young fighters overflowing with vigor and stamina. We are proud to say Anglesey has been part of the SCA since 1988.

The Free Company of Anglesey finally got their Household registered in November 2014. Marcus Vitellius Ursus. Household name Free Company of Anglesey and badge. Vert, a saltire parted and fretted within conjoined to an annulet Or.

Houses and Members

Anglesey has groups or "Houses" within the house. These houses have Kinsmen and their Swordbrothers. Sort of the SCA Peer and Apprentice structure. The Kinsmen help to groom the Swordbrothers so they can be elevated to Kinsman. Over the years some houses have lost all active members and others have continued to flourish. (Houses and Members will be updated as members agree they want to be on this page)

Active Houses:

Diamond Dogs
Ondraedan of Anglesey Bjartmarr_Hornabrjotr_Juzki

House Wyndhaven