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== Introduction ==Geoffrey d'Ayr of Montalban is a younger son of a minor Anglo-Norman family holding lands primarily in Wales ("They came over with the Conquest and kept heading West until they found something small enough to conquer"). As a younger son, he felt he could best find a fulfilling career in the Church - which ever one was in favor at the moment - and has risen to the rank of Bishop of the small and obscure see of Apsoluddly Nwehr in Mortshire, Wales. While primarily a fringe player in the English late-16th Century to early 17th Century court, he will shamelessly adapt to whatever time and place he finds himself, with a distinct preference for the Italian Renaissance, with side trips to Japan, India, and several other cultures. Geoffrey's first SCA event was a Twelfth Night in Myrkwood in 1972, and he has been hanging about ever since.


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